FORT TRUMP: Polish Leader Wants New US Military Base Named after the President

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Polish President Andrzej Duda urged President Trump to open a permanent military base in his home country this week; praising the United States’ soldiers and saying he would name the facility in honor of Donald Trump.

The two world leaders were speaking at joint press conference at the White House Tuesday when Duda commented on a potential US outpost in Poland, saying “The presence of the United States is a guarantor of security in our part of Europe.”

“I am convinced this cooperation between Poland and the United States will go on smoothly,” Duda told reporters. "I was smiling when talking to Mr. President, I said that I’d very much like for us to set up a permanent American base in Poland, which we would call Fort Trump, and I firmly believe that this is possible.”

Watch Duda’s comments above.

h/t Washington Free Beacon

This dude knows exactly what to say to fat donald to get him to spend our money.

From the article:

Earlier during the event, Trump said the U.S. makes “the greatest military equipment by far” and said it makes sense for wealthy nations to subsidize the costs of the U.S. security presence in the country.

Did Trump change his thinking on that or is it just this specific country due to his affinity for Eastern Europeans?

Lol the guy sure knows how to troll Fat Donald.

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