Fort Bragg will officially become Fort Liberty on June 2, 2023

Most signage outside the base has already been changed. The official ceremony will be June 2, when the new sign at the main entrance to the base will be unveiled.

Interestingly, most businesses that had Bragg in their name, including a car dealership near the base, have already changed to the new Liberty moniker.

Most streets on the base that needed to be renamed have been renamed.

The deadline for compliance with renaming is January 1, 2024, so Fort Liberty will be seven months ahead of schedule in complying.


Thank goodness for that! I know, having actually lived there, I will sleep much better.

I’ve never been more proud of the Army or the country.


nothing says pro-america more than when you cause military bases to change their name

(relax it’s a joke)

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Just another waste of tax payer dollar$.

Who was it that was asking for the definition of woke?


You think you’re proud? You should see the losers who never served their country a day in their life! :rofl:


Braxton Bragg was an incompetent military leader, only overshadowed in incompetency by his subordinate, Leonidas Polk.

Even if he had fought for the Union, he would have had no business having anything named after him, let alone a military base.

Glad to see his signage and honors being dumped in the garbage can, where his legacy belongs.


I am surprised they did not change the name to Fort Audrey/Aiden Hale to commemorate her/his heroic defense of the trans community.


Can’t have that one world government with countries clinging to their culture and history.

almost served


As long as you’re happy.



Oh. I thought it was named after NY DA Alvin Bragg.


They tried to name Ft. Polk after me. I’m flattered, but no. :rofl:

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Sounds more plausible. I know I’m still bent out of shape about ■■■■ from a couple hundred years ago. :roll_eyes:

Haunts me daily, multiple times a day.

ETA …I just wish I had other things more important in my day-to-day life to worry about. :smiling_face_with_tear:


I’m surprised it wasn’t named after George Floyd being that he sacrificed his life for us. :man_shrugging:


When I was a kid who used to watch the original Rocky and Bullwinkle Show, I though the fort was named after one of the blowhard characters the show created.

From the responses… seems like the “party of Lincoln”“the party” who freed slaves is unhappy that a confederate general is removed from a U.S. army base.

Conservatives will find anything to be unhappy about.

Well, as long as pansy asses get to be happy, I’ll suffer the consequences…again.

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Is Fort BLM the next name on the list?

She’s (Pierre) a real load of crap.