Former US ambassador Marie Yovanovitch: Victim or co-conspirator?

Who determines “our” foreign policy stances?

That is my answer.

She may well have been the lead conspirator.

Her feelings are hurt? Too damned bad lady!

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Not the president’s personal lawyer acting For his client.

The POTUS can appoint anyone he wants to as a special envoy to carry out his foreign policy.

I love when so-called small government conservatives basically take the stance that the POTUS can do whatever the hell he wants.


Rudy explicitly stated he was working on behalf of his client to vindicate him. He wasn’t acting as a diplomat carrying out foreign policy.

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**[quote=“SneakySFDude, post:41, topic:222754, full:true”]

Who determines “our” foreign policy stances?

Vladimir Putin for the most part, after all, he is the primary beneficiary of Trump foreign policy.


Ok, then who does?

Interesting. In general or just in Europe?

Donald Trump exposed the hypocrites.

Is that what he said?

Why no, no it’s not.

Who is the Chief Exec? Who is the nations top Diplomat? Who is tasked constitutionally with carrying out FP?

That would all be the same person, the POTUS.

Presidents have been appointing special envoys longer than you have been on the planet.

I don’t remember your whining when Obama appointed a slew of them… .

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It would seem so.

They don’t like it when you do that.

Exactly, now we see the Always-Trumpers for who they are.

Ok, if you say so.

Russia is also a major supporter of “not my president” and Calexit among other things.

Basically the Russians are interested in creating strife and chaos in America. In that respect, the highly partisan impeachment inquiry fits nicely into their overall objectives.

Of course by Democrat logic, anyone who supports “Not my president” or Calexit would be colluding with the Russians. Where are their investigations into those groups?


cool, so where and when was Giuliani named as a special envoy?