Former State Rep. Candidate Matt Trowbridge Caught on Camera Trying To Have Sex With 14 Year Old Boy

Thankfully, this time it was a setup for a YouTube channel. There’s no telling how many victims he has.

He’ll probably be voting for the Kid Sniffer if he doesn’t end up in jail before November.

I knew this was a democrat. How? You had 31 views and zero replies. :joy:


joe and camela will bail him out any second now.

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Or Kap will try to shut down the prison he’s sent to.

I hope that justice is served and if found guilty he goes to jail.

I think there were no replies because it is disgusting. Almost as disgusting is using that disgusting act for political fodder. Even using the “joy” emote. Not sure how someone would find joy in this, but to each their own.

Nothing like taking the low road when it comes to pedophiles.

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He’s got that pedo-look about him - chubby white guy with glasses, bad hair and dodgy mustache.

There must be a catalogue for pedos where they all learn about and strive for this look.

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I’m such a bad person. :japanese_goblin:

Bad to the bone. Have you considered flagging me?

Why? If someone wants to use the horrible acts of another person to feel better about themselves that’s their right. No need to flag. Like I said, to each their own.

I was just giving a possible explanation as to why people aren’t flocking to a post about a pedophile.