Former President Obama & Hillary Should Be In Jail!

“All Roads Lead To Obama”. Liberals love being micro-managers and control freaks. What this Mueller Report going to reveal and lead to is that it was former President Obama and Hillary which orchestrated this “Witch Hunt” and “Hit Job” on President Trump.
With former President Obama wanting his so-called “Legacy” preserved. Only thing which will be preserved is his “Mug Photo” when he and Hillary get sent to jail for crimes against the USA.

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I am sensing an agenda for your newly created account. Welcome though.


Obama’s legacy is leading the nation in the days after the worst recession in generations and leaving Trump the “4 Truck” economy you cheer in your other thread.

Their plans were concocted in the basement of a pizza restaurant when they weren’t scheming on Branson’s island… it’s all gonna come out soon :roll_eyes:

I’d say don’t hold your breath, but by all means…

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“You are witnessing the single greatest WITCH HUNT in American political history…” – D. Trump

The historian-in-chief must think Salem is a myth.

Oh, you mean all those extra people former President Obama had on Food Stamps?

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When an economy goes into the tank it sort of makes sense that people will need assistance, especially living in an era where an almost unprecedented percentage of money is concentrated at the top.

Amazing how Trump controls the DoJ and at one time the GOP had both houses of Congress, yet no charges have been filed against Hillary or Barack.

Even more amazing is how Trump supporters never question why Trump hasn’t done it…they simply say “lock her up” and continue to believe everything Trump says.

Disingenuous post. You know there was a recession - a bigly one.

Obama had and kept the worst GDP in history!, Trump had to erase Obama to help the economy!

No kidding, worst GDP, most people on food stamps, Obama was a wast of tax dollars for 8 years.

You mean the job creators at the top?

Obama inherited a dumpster fire of an economy and left things in a state of sustained growth.

And Bush 43 had a worse GDP during his time in office.

Why were the “job creators” in past eras able to get by without basically absorbing all of the benefits of increased production?

The people at the top are paying a larger share of taxes now than they did in the past. And you don’t seem to understand how the labor market works, what you get paid isn’t based on a share of productivity, it’s based on how much it costs to get you to show up for work.

If you want to be paid based on what the company makes, buy stock or start your own company.

They want the talking point, not any legal action that could derail the talking point.

Good things democrats never called GW a criminal huh?

What are you talking about?


People at the top have paid more at times in the past.

“The data shows that, between 1950 and 1959, the top 1 percent of taxpayers paid an average of 42.0 percent of their income in federal, state, and local taxes. Since then, the average effective tax rate of the top 1 percent has declined slightly overall. In 2014, the top 1 percent of taxpayers paid an average tax rate of 36.4 percent.”

What am I talking about? Oh you think the tax rate and what people pay in taxes are the same things lol?