Former President Obama delivers a powerful unapologetic eulogy

Three former Presidents gave remark today that the funeral for civil right leader John Lewis though none of them were as powerful and unapologetic as Obama who attacked the state of race relations, voters suppression, and struggle of African American in 2020. If Obama had not already served two term as President many people would be championing him to run this election after today.

“America was built by John Lewises,” Obama said. “He, as much as anyone in our history, brought this country a little bit closer to our highest ideals. And someday, when we do finish that long journey towards freedom, when we do form a more perfect union … John Lewis will be a founding father of that fuller, fairer, better America.”

It was a dramatic return to the political fray for a former president who has steadfastly worked to avoid becoming a foil for Trump, even as he frets privately and to Democratic donors about Trump’s actions and words.

But it was also a deeply personal recognition of a life Obama admitted was necessary for his own political ascent.

“Imagine the courage of two people Malia’s age – younger than my oldest daughter – on their own, to challenge an entire infrastructure of oppression,” he said, evoking his 22-year-old eldest child. “John was only 20 years old but he pushed all 20 of those years onto the center of the table.”

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I can hear him now, “Take off your bedroom slippers”…peppered with a few more of his golden preachy hits.

I wouldn’t have thought it was the right time to make a political speech but…I’m not a politician either.

A black politician giving a eulogy for a black civil rights politician about…civil rights. Distasteful. :roll_eyes:

It was really lovely.

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At this one moment, there is a higher calling. Some hear it, some don’t.



There’s no law saying you can’t use a funeral to advance your political campaign. Never let a funeral go to waste. Wellstone II

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From the referenced CNN article:

“As Trump wages a reelection campaign reliant on racist tropes and a vague notion of “heritage” that many see rooted in an outdated vision of the country, Obama said Lewis would eventually be remembered as another type of national hero.”

Democrats idea of a beautiful eulogy.

Higher calling? Eulogizing a civil rights icon by speaking as to current civil rights issues is superseded by what pretentious “higher calling” of yours? Share with us your “higher calling.”


I have to say If anyone is thinking this funeral was not on point the way Congressman Lewis wanted it I believe they would be sadly mistaken and completely unfamiliar with how he lived his life.


Its accurate Trump is running a campaign based on racist tropes and some idiotic vague notion of how a govenrment that lasted less than 5 years and engaged in an actual insurrection against the United States is somehow part of our heritage and traditions.

Not all Trump supporters are racists but they are certainly supporting a racist.

What was that building they were all in and why there?

Hmmm. Wonder if the Democrats will be insisting that the Arkansas State Flag be changed. By law, passed in 1987 and signed by the then governor, the blue star in the flag “is to commemorate the Confederate States of America”. Guess who the governor was who signed that law? He gave what I am told was a stirring eulogy.

Yes they should. 1987 was over 30 years ago, our culture has evolved significantly and for the better.

I love these failed attempts at gotchas.

Yeah the guy who roused himself from his deathbed to join the Floyd protests would have been just horrified.

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Why y’all so mad?
Where was the lie in what Obama said?
All he did was give a eulogy based on what John Lewis stood and fought for. So to denounce what Obama said is to denounce John Lewis. Of course you all have to be mad because of Fox News, evening talk personalities told you to and gave you all your marching orders. :sheep:


It was a political speech exploiting racism at the funeral of an African American and typical shameless leftist liberal behavior. :roll_eyes:

If Canada is so smitten with BO petition him to move to Canada and become a citizen and if your laws allow he can run for PM, take him he’s yours. :grinning:

It’s like some people didn’t follow what he did.