Former President Jimmy Carter wins his second Grammy


Jimmy Carter, 94, just won his second Grammy Award, reports the L.A. Times. This one is for the audio edition of his book “Faith: A Journey for All." He has been nominated a record (for ex-Presidents) nine times. Carter is tied with Barack Obama and Bill Clinton for Grammy wins. Obama won twice in the spoken word category: in 2008 for his audiobook for “The Audacity of Hope: Thoughts on Reclaiming the American Dream” and two years earlier for “Dreams From My Father.”

President Bill Clinton has won twice: in 2005 for “My Life,” and the year before for the spoken word album for children Grammy for narrating Jean-Pascal Beintus’ composition “Wolf Tracks.” Richard Nixon, the only Republican to be nominaed, received one nomination in 1978 for “The Nixon Interviews With David Frost.”

A posthumous spoken word nomination went to Harry S. Truman for “The Truman Tapes” album released in 1977. John F. Kennedy also scored a posthumoous nomination for the spoken-word album “The Kennedy Wit,” released in 1964.

He’s also the third oldest Grammy winner (George Burns was the second oldest at 95, Pinetop Perkins the oldest at 97).

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They give Grammys for audio books? Really?


I wasn’t really aware of that, either, but if you think about it, it’s no different than “The Kennedy Wit,” the paperback by Bill Adler (I think I have a copy, actually).


Sorry, it seems kind of lame to me.


Oh, I don’t know.

Some narrators sound as if they’re dead & propped up, while others can make the material fascinating.

If he can be a good narrator, why not? In any case I wish him well.


Grammys used to be about music. A guy reading a book isn’t music.


Spoken Word Grammy is a category every year.


Another sign that award shows for subjective material are goofy. How is any one musician (or reader, I guess) any better than another? And this is coming from someone who understands that objective measurements in music (and reading) exist.