Former President Jimmy Carter to spend 'remaining time' at home receiving hospice care

As President Carter enters his final days, I thank him for a life well spent. Regardless of political differences, few men in the White House have been more kind hearted or generous than Jimmy Carter during his life.

I hopoe your remaining days are peaceful, Mr. Carter.

Go well Mr. President.

I think most people feel that even if they disagreed with him politically, he has led an exemplary life after his presidency.

Good person

Not a successful presidency.

Can’t help but like him as a person. Almost apolitical


Well, shoot. Of course I knew it was coming, but this one’s bummer.

In an age of influencers, takes, and extreme polarization, a truly good man is rare.

Carter was good human being…sadly a nice guy doesn’t make very good president.

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Oh :frowning:

Sad, but oh man - what an incredible life to have lived.


Nice to see consensus here at the forum.

Carter is a good man; I think we all can agree on that. I hope his final days are peace filled.

Carter may not have been the best president, but he’s been an excellent former president. A fine and increasingly rare example of a honest to God great human being.

Live out these last days in peace and familial love Mr. President. You’ve earned it.


thats an understatement, he was downright terrible.

i wish his family and him his last few days the best.



yes I agree with the sentiment as well. Seemed to be a terrific person, a good Christian man. My heart felt sympathy for his family and they will be in my prayers. God Bless

Jimmy Carter is the first person who comes to mind
when someone asks “Can you respect a person and still disagree with his political views? Do you always have to describe your opponents as lemmings, or socialists or fat lazy millennials?”

He is a good man, a devout Christian, taught sunday school before, during and after public life, a Southerner, a farmer and small businessman. He is an Annapolis graduate, a Navy veteran and worked hands on in the nuclear power field.

  • When he says something about energy policy, or about whether the US should deploy troops somewhere he speaks from experience.
  • When he says we should increase such-and-such a tax he says so not as gender-studies major who once read an economics essay written by a rock musician, but as a small businessman.
  • When he says “nothing Jesus ever said tells us homosexuals sin more or worse than the rest of us,” he says so not as whacky college anarchist who hates churches, but as a devout Southern Baptist whose creed and studies sincerely tell him that is an important Christian teaching.

I disagree firmly with his political positions, but I have sincere respect for the man and for what went into his positions.

He will be missed.


But he may be the best ex-President this country has ever had.