Former Fox News reporter named to lead counter-propaganda efforts at State

Honest. It’s Lea Gabrielle. As reported by CNN.

“Lea will provide the permanent leadership we have needed to bolster the Global Engagement Center’s operations. And she will begin her duties on Monday. Lea is a former CIA-trained human intelligence operations officer, defense foreign liaison officer, United States Navy program director, Navy FA-18/C fighter pilot, and national television news correspondent and anchor at two different networks,” (spokesman Robert) Palladino said.

Congrats to her.

#MAGA. In a big way. Trump’s supporters will eat this up.

She’s sounds like a smart accomplished individual. You don’t get to be a fighter pilot without having something on the ball. Not sure how that translates into leading our counter-propaganda efforts.

I am encouraged to be reminded that we still have a counter-propaganda agency though. I wasn’t sure Trump would continue that Obama agency considering his opinion of election interference.

I guessing she lost her flight status at some point because she went on to be a Intel officer and then another job, the Navy does not let certain jobs hop around like that. A pilot was one and I was in another field that invest to much money into us that they would not let you swap jobs unless you got kicked out for a messing up.

How is this at all a problem? Brilliant woman who’s had a brilliant career prior to and after entering the media/entertainment world.

That certainly isn’t true. All of the senior air liason officers were flight officers in Spec Op’s who came from the various branches and a good many top flight officers transition to intelligence. It’s a natural fit since they are used to looking at the battle flied from above which is where most of our intel is gathered from.

There are also numerous reasons you can lose flight status without ever screwing anything up.

I don’t remember her doing any reporting but…congrats.

Because as a former navy airman she’s probably gone to a SOTU address in all white?

Maybe a medical disqualification?
Just sayin’. There might be a less nefarious reason for the switch and I’m loathe to jump to the worst case scenario. Even for a Trump nominee.

Shep Smith is the guy cons avoid on Fox.