Former Florida gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum indicted on conspiracy, wire fraud charges


Also included in this is Sharon Janet Lettman-Hicks. Seems things caught up to them since it appears this all started in 2016.

Gillum, who was once mayor of Tallahassee, is accused of acting in concert with associate Sharon Janet Lettman-Hicks to solicit funds using false representations and promises.

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Well, I’m sure he learned his lesson. No big (D)eal.

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That is a resume enhancement for Democrats.


I liked this guy and was rooting for him in 2018. Boy, was I mistaken. Hoping he gets the help he needs.

Just sayin…

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So glad we trust the FBI again!

Were the agents that indicted this criminal the same ones who instigated teh attack on the capital?

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Fake news.

FBI set up

Deep state conspiracy

Did I miss any?

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Media not covering it at all.

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Weird. Coulda sworn there was a link in the OP.


He was the Squad and Obama’s chosen candidate. It’s a great day for America when a Democratic Socialist is brought down.

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The former mayor nearly became Florida governor in 2018, losing a close race to current Gov. Ron DeSantis. Since then, he has faced a string of troubles.

I was sweating that one out. Imagine what a hell hole Florida would be had Gillum won.

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A deep state dem controlled doj prosecuting a democratic socialist? Banana republic!

Maybe they learned it from the libs constant and continued prosecution of Trump?

But it’s deep state and the FBI. Aren’t they in collusion with the dems? How is this possible? A Democrat under indictment for fraud? Not possible!

Biden won Talalahasse which is where the jury pool will be drawn from by 37 points. Rigged!!!

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Those at the top of the FBI are not the same as those towards the bottom. They have to learn this corruption over time. Comey is a good example.

What about the corrupt doj? Drip drip drip?

You think this arrest wasn’t approved by a higher up? Pfft

Everything about this arrest of a guy Obama hugged screams of collusion between the doj the fbi and dems!!

Sometimes the air in the room is so smelly, even those corrupted are forced to admit, someone farted…

“and 19 counts of wire fraud, the Department of Justice announced Wednesday.”

…and it would appear that’s the case.