Former Deutsche Bank Executive Who Oversaw Trump’s Loans Dies by Suicide

Wow- “One source who has direct knowledge of the FBI’s investigation into Deutsche Bank said that federal investigators have asked about Bowers and documents he might have. Another source who has knowledge of Deutsche Bank’s internal structure said that Bowers would have been the gatekeeper for financial documents for the bank’s wealthiest customers.”


Seth Rich???

clinton body count

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Oooo we have our own Clinton style conspiracy now…


Put his name just beneath Epstein’s on the Trump Hit List.

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The Chosen One must be protected.

Deutsche Bank lent money to Donald Trump Jr. for a South Carolina manufacturing venture that would soon go bankrupt. It provided a $15 million credit line to Mr. Kushner and his mother, according to financial documents reviewed by The Times. The bank previously had an informal ban on business with the Kushners because Jared’s father, Charles, was a felon.

Didn’t that happen a while back??


About a week ago.

A person who once signed off on a loan contract with Trump, among doubtless many others (“Bowers would have been the gatekeeper for financial documents for the bank’s wealthiest customers”) killed himself. Lets do a story about Trump’s dealings with Deutsche Bank along with the story about the suicide, and the weak minded will assume some sort of connection.

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This sounds like an awfully familiar story.

But when I read it, it had the names “Seth Rich” and “Hillary Clinton”.

Wait that might have been the second edition.

The first edition had “Vince Foster” and “the Clintons”.



“The banks wealthiest customers” lol lol lol
Okay so now Trump is one of the wealthiest. The left has been going on and on for 3 years now how Trump is broke, a fake billionaire, not that rich. Funny.

Even if Trump was worth 50 million dollars, he’d still be among the very wealthy.


We need to start a list.

Wait… That’s all?

He’s a mere commoner.

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Alright, alright…

You got him now!

Epstein is on Clinton’s list. And the english monarchy’s.