Former congresswoman Corrine Brown pleads guilty to tax fraud

After her previous conviction was overturned due to a juror issue, the Department of Justice filed new charges. Corrine Brown agreed to plead guilty to one charge in return for the remaining charges being dropped. She will be sentenced to the amount of time she served under her previous conviction and thus will not return to prison.

S/he must make a restitution of $62,650 to the IRS.

So that pretty much wraps up this long running saga. :smile:

A Democrat tax cheat who probably voted to raise taxes. :rofl:


The other 17 counts against her were dropped as part of a plea deal, and Brown won’t serve any further prison time.

She will have to pay restitution of $62,650 to the IRS.

n 2017, Brown was convicted of wire and tax fraud charges after prosecutors said she used a fake charity as a personal slush fund.
…and vs how much did she embezzle from her “slush fund”? Anybody know?

Check out the privilege on this dirtbag. :rofl:

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her personal and professional benefit, totaling $800,000,

…and she had to return $62.650.00? That’s treating her unfairly and borderline “WACIST”. :roll_eyes: :-1:


She got released from prison (where she continued to collect her congressional pension) because it would be a tragedy if she caught the Kung Flu.

One law for them, another for you. :wink:


White privilege at its finest :rage:


So wait, you can embezzle $800k, serve 2 years in prison and only pay back $62k?! Those people on alone have to starve themselves for 100 days on a ■■■■■■ little island to get that kind of ROI.


While collecting a congressional pension! She got paid for it! :rofl:


Her punishment stinks of elitist inside horse trading.

No different then the couple hundred polititions on both sides still out free and clear.