Former CEO pleads guilty to opioid (drugs) kickback scheme

Hey, people who are concerned about our nation’s drug problem, here’s a great but small example of a huge problem that exists (across the entire industry). I suggest you put huge effort into fixing this problem. Huge money too.

“Fentanyl is an opioid 100 times stronger than morphine.”

people should be outraged about the illegal drugs that is poring in our country! There’s a new drugs out there that makes them a zombie like. A woman the other day stopped in the middle of the traffic got out of her car stood there and just acting like she’s in a lala land like a zombie. Everyone was wondering what she’s on. This is scary and dangerous stuff. I agree with Pres Trump to declare national emergency to build the wall.

We need a wall at the southern border to prevent American companies from engaging in behavior that can cause abuse of drugs - or something like that…

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