Forget Venezuela, We're Turning Into North Korea

Interesting video showing the strong parallels between how Fox News and North Korean State TV covered this weeks’ events.

Not much difference it appears.


Great leaders deserve great media. Trump and Kim did something historic last week, it only makes sense objective media would praise them.

Not much difference at all.

Probably because that type of propoganda works, especially among a subset of the population that is vulnerable to it.

What is astonishing to me is that the weaponized propaganda off Foxnews also succeeds as a business model, not just as a fully-owned subsidiary of the government. There’s an extra layer of vulnerability there among Trump supporters that not even the Supreme Leader has been able to tap into.

To the benefit of foxnews, gold certificate sellers, and reverse mortgage vendors.

We could all probably use a good parade on the national mall with tanks n’ stuff.

Did you see tucker try and defend north korea this week.

Fat donald read your mind.

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If he went any further he’d say we should give our nukes to Kim for safe keeping.

Tanks and missiles. Truly it’s the only way to adequately convey Donald’s military, diplomatic, and overall manly prowess.

Trump idolizes dictators.

Will there be flags and murals with the leaders face lining the parade route and is Trump going to drive one of the tanks himself?

Obama agrees.


Now, back to the topic of the thread.

Obamaaaaaa! killed two US citizens, including a 16 year-old boy.

ETA or was it three?

Fat Donald is definitely overcompensating for… something.

What’s really scare is that there are probably more than a few DEMs who would actually believe that absurdity.

Dang, I hope Rachel Maddow hit on this tonight. Totally bonkers. Is Trump an agent of North Korea?

Oh my. Sherman tanks? Is Trump gonna invade Iran with Sherman tanks? What a buffoon.

No tanks then?

I’m assuming you’re responding to the post above you.

Now back to the topic of the thread!

I was responding to the OP.