Forensic audit confirms the laptop is really Hunter's

That is the story from the Daily Mail in the UK.

  • Hunter Biden released his ‘tell-all’ memoir Beautiful Things on Tuesday, but left out shocking details
  • can reveal those secrets after contents of his abandoned laptop - including a cache of 103,000 text messages, 154,000 emails, more than 2,000 photos - were verified by top forensics experts

Does that mean that the evil Russians secretly bought out the Daily Mail?

Or have the CIA and its allies lost interest in protecting Hunter now that his dad is entrenched as puppet-in-chief?

Of course it was his. Dems are above the law however so nothing to fear for ole Hunter.

You got him now!

That’s it! Impeach Hunter!!!

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Hunter could be the worst human on earth and it wouldn’t matter. Why? Because if he goes to jail not a single person would really care.

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Are we still on this again? Arrest him or charge him already! You have his supposed laptop for a year. Either there is something there or there isn’t.

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so we are trusting anonymous sources again?


It’s (D)ifferent this time.

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You know who could fix all this…?

hunter biden

Just deposit $10 Million in an offshore account and throw in another Million in a briefcase for “the big guy”.

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Seriously though, he’s gonna skate because he’s already turned

hunter biden is what happens when you let your kids go to school in a racial jungle.

Watch Hunter get Nude magazine covers.

Please explain what you mean.

It’s self-explanatory.

gropey joe was worried about his kids going to school in a racial jungle and at least two of them turned into drug addicts, with hunter having so my more problems aside from that.

But then again, who doesn’t have sex with their brother’s wife, smoke parmesan cheese and knock up random strippers??

What makes a school a racial jungle?

Did I not see you posting in the Gaetz thread? Were you questioning the anonymous sources there? I don’t think you were.

Apparently some are quite willing to accept anonymous sources, and you seem to be one.

As in the Gaetz case, I guess we will eventually find out for sure.

I did notice several days ago that Hunter had suggested that yes, after all, maybe someone had stolen his laptop (erstwhile called a “soggy laptop” around here) and that it might really be his. That kind of gave an early hint.

He’s quoting Jbiden. Busing apparently.

Hunter is in government office?

Yes. He’s The First Crackhead.