Foreign Container Ship companies refusing US export shipments and returning to Asia empty

Apparently Foreign Container Ship companies are refusing US export shipments and returning to Asia empty. Which makes no sense.

The other supply chain crisis: American farmers can’t ship food abroad because foreign shippers won’t take it

House Passes U.S. Ocean Shipping Reform Act

Is it really that hard to say China? lol


I hope that the new bill will go through the Senate quickly and get signed into law. Thanks for bringing this one up. It is certainly important.

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They have to be getting paid to do it.

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I suspect that we are going to find that the CCP either directly, or indirectly, controls each of these companies. In which case it will be based on foreign policy, rather than profit. And at current shipping prices, they aren’t actually loosing money.


This one is definitely a nonpartisan issue.

Nope. Progs vote for people who want to bring down American capitalist economy so that we must turn to the government for help.

They will say here that they want the problem solved but they will not vote for people who want it to be solved.

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So the ChiComs are paying shipping companies to NOT transport US goods? OR the the CCP either owns the shipping lines?
Color me shocked! :crazy_face:



You know, if we had stayed in the TPP, we could have had Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico,
New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, and Vietnam stand with us against this unfair trade practice. Too bad.

That was always the problem with America First: under Trump that meant “America alone”. Thing is, we are no longer the indispensable nation. In the 21st century, allies are going to be more important than ever.


CCP is like house Slitherin in Harry Potter and the west propped them to be a super power. :clap: Nice

Not true at all. America first means better alliances.

Trump doctrine was leveraging economic trade to get favorable results. India was a key ally that Trump courted.

You didn’t see empty vessels or supply manipulation under Trump.

Now we have a shot economy and an incoherent President sabre rattling with Russia.


You really believe that.

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The J’Biden press conference following Putin’s incursion into Ukraine will be epic. Wonder if we’ll get to see videos of the parade of US supplied military materiel or bodies?

Under Trump all we had to do was pump US oil into the market to put Putin in check.


What’s not to believe since it’s the truth! Oh wait…… lefty progs don’t believe in the truth! :roll_eyes:

Their ideology insists they pay no attention to what their own senses told them.


Nah… it was also happening under Trump.

:rofl: While the world was shut down?


Stunning…just stunning and kinda funny.

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