Ford to Cut Salaried Workers Worldwide

And aluminum too, but not like we used to. We used to be the world leader in both.

We make steel here…

If Ford was smart they would start making cars out of things other than steel and aluminium. I believe that the only reason why wooden cars never became a thing is because of the subsidies for steelworkers.



Wooden cars were a thing.

Why are wooden cars a novelty today? Subsidies.

Everything is a thing.

Edit: Thanks for getting me googling. I want a wooden car. These look amazing. When I was a teenager I wanted a woodie… as I was a surfer in my teenage years.

Oh yes. And 34.

Wooden cars take more skill and time to build. Steel parts can be stamped out much more quickly in mass production and require fewer skilled workers.

Depending on the tariffs on steel, wood might be a viable alternative.

^ Would someone bump the table please? Plasma is stuck in the groove.

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If they’d just watch the Flintstones, they’d get some ideas for really fuel efficient cars

Was there even fossil fuels during that time period?

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We dont make as much steel and aluminium anymore because it’s cheaper to buy it from someone else.

Why is that a bad thing?

Why do you think I was making a judgment?

So it was just an idle thought?

We used to make buggy whips, too.

The topic was tariffs, not obsolete products.

If you’re not making a “judgment”, what’s your point?

To make conversation. It worked too, didn’t it. :wink:

Usually, when someone affirmatively acts to “converse”, they have a point to make.

Apparently you don’t?

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Why does everything said in a conversation have to have a point? Does everything you post have a point? For instance, what point are you trying to make now?

Yes, everything I post here has a point. Everything you post has a point too, whether or not you want to admit it.

In this case, your point appears to be mindless support of Trump’s tariffs. But since you might not even support those tariffs, you couch your remarks in vague statements, and then pretend you didn’t actually mean anything when anyone presses you.

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Either you support the steel and aluminium tariffs, or you don’t. I dont know why you’re trying to play both sides of the fence.