Forcing Socialism upon the American people


The phrase in the Constitution is " promote the general welfare" not generally promote welfare.

If what you believe is true, why start with health care? After all, there are more immediate things people need daily. Why are you not pushing for free food and housing? Aren’t they absolute necessities for the general welfare too? What good is free healthcare if you’re starving and homeless? Where does it stop?


What wealth has the government created? How does collecting taxes create wealth. If it’s the government’s job to create wealth and treat everyone equally while doing so, why not take all money from everyone and divide it up equally among the citizens? Everyone’s paycheck just goes into a government pool and each week everyone gets a check sent to their government provided house for an equal amount? Since the government creates wealth too, it could send an infinite amount of money to everyone. For those who might feel greedy at such an amount, they could opt for a weekly limit for proprieties sake. It’s a win for everyone! We could all be in the top one percent, the government could take 70% from all of us and still there would be plenty for everyone!


I know, it’s like that damn dog Timmy hung around with - always getting him stuck in wells. These scientists are just troublemakers.


Sorry @SneakySFDude

The only way to leave this nation as an individual is to renounce your citizenship.

Tell us when you did that.

I bet you did not.



I bet you pay your bills with federal reserve notes too.




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No it isn’t the only way.


I disagree and your’s is a losing proposition that will swirl and swirl until “we” are all down the drain. Don’t treat the symptom, fix the problem. When money was thrown at the problem, as you are now suggesting, like it was in 1964, the only result is the present day exacerbation of the original problem. A new approach must be thought through and implemented.


I find it funny that someone would use the internet to ask the question “ what wealth has the government created?”


I find it fascinating that you don’t know the answer to such a simple question and then you go on a nonsensical rant.

The government creates wealth both directly and indirectly. When they create things like nuclear reactors, computers, rockets, satellites, the internet, etc. Or when they order new f-22s, air craft carriers, etc. Or by hiring people, putting money in their pocket which is spent in the economy. All of these things grow the economy.


So your solution is to remove social programs, allow inequality of income and access to increase and hope it gets better? Good luck with that. I’ll see you on the other side of the next revolution/civil war, if we haven’t simply descended into anarchy.


Here i thought somebody actually got to enjoy their paycheck without paying into the ponzi scheme


What is the definition of doing the same thing, the same way but expect different results?

My solution is to study this with the intent to fix the problem for future generations. I’m not a can kicker my friend…even if you are?


Improving and in some cases expanding social programs is not “kicking the can.” “Study with the intent to fix” without making real change sure sounds like kicking the can to me.


I find it funny none of you liberals ever answer hard questions…


Follow the bouncing ball here…

If the government, for example, orders 100 billion dollars for new F-22 airplanes, they are not using their own money to do so. In order to give 100 billion dollars to one company for air planes, they must TAKE 100 billion dollars from other companies to pay for it. That means the companies the money was taken from can not use that money to likewise create jobs and grow their own businesses.Thus this wonderful “creation of wealth” you are claiming for some, results in a loss of wealth for others. It is a zero sum game.

Redistribution of tax dollars is not the same as creating wealth. Your Big Brother has “educated” you well…


Those companies that the government took their $100 billion from just took that money from consumers. By that logic all commerce is a zero sum game.

Which is why that logic makes no sense.

Go back to basics and define what creation of wealth actually means.


Was basically gonna say the same. Whether the consumer is public or private, the demand is still there, value is created and the economy grows all the same. Private consumers don’t sprinkle magic wealth growing fairy dust on the process.


Wow. Went right over the head.


I don’t think that you understand how sovereign currency works.