Forcing Socialism upon the American people


There needs to be an underlying crime, a body so to speak. Unless it is political.


That’s not the open market. You think Beretta “won” an open contract for the M9?


That’s STILL the free market, but FreeAndClear says that’s socialism.


No it is not. You cannot buy what they buy. It is not for sale to you.

In some cases you can buy something similar, but not the same.

The weapons are manufactured to gov specs at gov prices. It is all controlled by the gov.


You’re completely, totally, absolutely, missing, the point on ‘‘Why the military is socialism’’


Which doesn’t change fact govt involvement in the free market doesn’t magically change it into socialism.


Enjoy your life.


I do…


You’re missing the point on what part is the free market the govt is involved with. You’re really not getting it, are you.


Govt involvement in the free market is not socialism.


Per se, no. But when people say the military is an example of socialism; purchasing equipt., supplies, is not it. You’re totally missing the point.

You should look up the def. of socialism.


Oh for goodness sake Cons.

All the democratic socialist countries in the world, like Denmark, Netherlands, Norway, and Sweden, have a better economic system than the United States. That means higher incomes, more educated population. What Sanders, AOC, and other Democrats propose is that we model our system after those countries. That’s it.

The funny here is that medicare-for-all, tuition-free education, and higher minimum wage is actually widely popular with the American people.


If the government is involved, the market is no longer “free”.


Then unless there’s no govt the free market can’t exist.


Unless… hear me out… as I’ve been saying for over a year, Mueller will need the most airtight case, chock full of serious, irrefutable charges, to have a chance of conviction. The Senate is not a court, it’s a divided house with Trump-worshipers in charge. There can be no looking away, no rock they can hide under, if the 2/3 margin is to be reached. Mueller is not leaving anything to chance.

Or… you could be right. He’s got nothin’, and the cubic miles of smoke are just water vapor from lib’s tears. I’ll guess we’ll find out in the next three months or so.


That’s a really good post except for

that bull ■■■■■ And I agree. Going after a POTUS is no joke and Mueller knows it.


There’s never a guarantee of a ‘‘free’’ market. Even with no govt involvement.

In fact, without govt intervention, there’s almost a guarantee the market won’t be free. History has proved that.


Several inaccuracies here. First, these nations do not have higher average incomes and they are taxed extremely heavily. Also, their standard of living is not what Americans would settle for. For example, in America, the average new home is 25 to 26 hundred square feet, and we have room- bigger yards, garages, or even bigger lots for those who live in suburbs. We drive bigger cars… You may feel we are selfish, to put so much value on things like this, and perhaps we are, but Americans are not going to surrender 70% of their income and move to tiny flats so that everyone can feel more equal.

The population of the countries you mentioned are all under 20 million, they are smaller and don’t have the diversity in their population as we do. It is easier to manage small populations compared to large populations, the larger ( in size and population) and more diverse a country, the more oppressive the government has to become to gain and maintain control.

A 70% tax rate does not translate to a “better economic system.” It just doesn’t…

If you believe their education systems are better, what do you mean? We spend a huge amount of money for education and the government already is in control and hard at work teaching our kids how wonderful Socialism is, don’t worry, in another generation or so, you’re socialist Utopia will be established here. In the meantime, I know you guys will also continue your efforts to remove all resistance by disarming everyone and abolishing all forms of private education. We know " Resistance is futile." But we will continue until the last of us dies, is killed, reeducated, or raptured. Hopefully, the latter.

Of course free stuff is a more popular idea than paying for it ourselves, that’s a no-brainer! The problem is, thanks to the government run education system I mentioned in the last paragraph, the average millennial is too stupid to realize that nothing is free and by the time they realize it they will be trapped…


Where on earth did you get the idea that the average new home in America in 25-2600 sq/ft. New homes should include condos, mobile homes, ect. And you think all these ‘‘have room- bigger yards, garages’’


Yes, we will find out soon. What we do know is of a vast conspiracy against Trump that began even before he was elected. Everyone involved tried to cover it up, but things like the Strock-Paige emails got out. Nothing seems to be beyond discovery anymore, except the 30,000 emails that Hillary deliberately had destroyed despite a subpoena to produce them, I find it hard to believe that nothing of criminal substance has been leaked out of the report. It really is evident that justice depends more on party affiliation than actual justice. Perhaps if justice was fairly dealt, conservatives would be less skeptical about ANYTHING that Mueller might have.