Forcing Socialism upon the American people


Cool story.


Come on man.


yeah…Trump is cool??


I do notice that you completely ignored the most straightforward evidence of bank/tax fraud. Mueller already has all of Cohen’s records. If that was something Mueller was cool with Cohen giving to Congress, WHAT ELSE HAS HE GOT? :rofl:


Except your belief is wrong.


No, it is a strawman. It’s a made-up issue because there is no real issue.

And stop putting words in the mouths in a bunch of long dead 18th century dudes.


Nope, no ownership no socialism.


Why or How?


Because govt just involvement in the free market is not socialism.


If Mueller had anything criminal, he wouldn’t have sat on it for 2 years. Keep your dream alive as long as you can though, it will soon become your nightmare when it sinks in Trump really won and he’s going to be around awhile…


Why not?


You guys with your conclusions. Do you think that like may be we don’t like have like the shortest memories ever?


The military buys its weapons using the free market, is that socialism?


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


No it doesn’t.


Or youre born with no arms …


That’s not ever how this works.


That’s because it’s almost always political.


When an investigation is being done on someone you don’t run and arrest them as soon as you find something. You build a case.


Company’s don’t bid for military contracts?