Forcing Socialism upon the American people


Yes… but not in a supply side way… because supply side is nonsense.


Farmers just need to reach for the stars!


Fox news pretty much has daily AOC main headlines


Yes and austerity brought Japan out of its long decade or you know not really. You will never be able to prove your assertion while we have actual proof that austerity programs during recessions actually hurt.


Sure it is.


Bootstrap time? I think not.


The individual mandate.


That, as much as i hated it, was simply a policy in a bill, it was not socialism. The government taking over all health care would be an example of socialism.


Are regulations socialists. If we don’t adhere to the strict definition of socialism as a system of total control, is government involvement in the “free market” socialism? I believe that it is. I also believe that it is fraught with peril BUT i believe it to be necessary because an unregulated market is a terrible thing to behold.


Socialism has come to mean “something the radio told me not to like”


I’ve thought that for a long time, if they completely control the means of production, what’s the difference? They don’t, but it is definitely creeping in that direction little by little. Trump’s regulation cutting is ostensibly going to get a handle on that, but he does it so recklessly I think he does more harm than good. I’m sure of it in fact.

I’m sure there is some invisible line that is crossed where “the means of production” are no longer private, but I haven’t even seen a discussion on it. And not I don’t have time to start one lol. Not for a few days anyhow…….


That ain’t no strawman, it is something we must be wary of, even if it is not upon us. The founders would agree I’ve no doubt.


I disagree. It was socialism by regulation.


I’m glad we could agree. I disagree that it is not upon us. Respectfully.


Right and unfortunately that has been true for a few decades. I keep waiting for that red scare to take over the country. Anyway now…


It’s insane watching the Democrats go in reverse, they’ve went back to the 40’s-60’s when they voted to keep guns from black people, and when they didn’t want black people to be able to vote and lets not forget how they voted to keep women from having any rights too, LMAO, they’ve come FULL circle for ALL to SEE! there’s not enough soap in the world to wash the blood n scum off these double mined, forked tongue, two faced lying hypocrites…


I will be sure not to vote for a Democrat from the 40’s for now on.


their mentality is from that time period, so have fun staying on the farm


Yeah… that silliness doesn’t fly.


All this socialism stuff being pumped out by the Democrats is going to hurt them in the long run,
even my democrat friends are saying, “oh hell no, these people are insane”, which is very refreshing to hear that from them after 8 yrs of their Barry O BS,lol