Forcing Socialism upon the American people


I think Trump is going to settle in.


Not through, from.


It is a spending problem in that Private interests are increasingly being funded by the taxpayer under the guise of “privatization”.

Yes… wealth gap.


No. It’s a spending problem because people like you want it to be a business - the business of providing wants.

How do you plan to close the “wealth gap”?


Straight out of the Calculus of Consent right there.

As for the wealth gap.

Right now I am sitting in a $5 million penthouse apartment in midtown Manhattan shooting a TV show owned as a pied de terre by a hedge fund who pays a lower tax rate percentage than I do by moving money in a circle and taking a piece of it every time it comes around to him.

To close the wealth gap I would raise capital gains taxes to pay for a real tax cut on labor. There is no reason that idle wealth should contribute less of a percentage of their income to the tax base than people who actually get up in the morning to go to work.

But… everything for the past few decades has been to shunt money away from the government into private interests and make sure that those who are benefiting the most from that pay the least.

Doesn’t make sense.


Bull ■■■■ book. Nothing is in the interest of all interested parties. Nothing.

So use government to take and give. I thought so.

You don’t understand one simple fact of life: what someone else has quite simply has nothing to do with you or your quality of life.

How sad to see someone comparing themselves to everyone else and focusing on “gaps”.

Have a nice life.


Oh… you are going with the jealousy angle.

I am not jealous. More power to the people who can use the system to accumulate wealth. Good on them.

If one wants to address real problems in this country, then those who make money by having money instead of waking up every morning to go and work somewhere should bear a higher cost of the system that they benefit from than they currently do.

It isn’t bomb throwing stuff I am talking about here. It was quite common and par for the course in the political thought of mid 20th century America. You know… when it was great.


Naw, not jealousy. Not at all.

Let’s all aspire to mediocrity.

Like I said, have a nice life.


Where did Jezcoe even remotely advocate for mediocrity?


Wow… advocating a shifting of tax rates is now mediocrity.

Well… I guess I got check mated on that one


He didn’t. It’s just me. You can relax, counselor.


How mediocre of you, not living off rent-seeking interest from your wealth.


How dare we question the rich… I mean our betters.


Very telling.


Its a joke.

I have had contact with all sorts of very wealthy people in my career.

Some are nice and treat their fellow humans with respect… they tend to be old money and kind of understand that they lucked out in the life lottery and some think that you are out to steal from them… they tend to be hedge fund managers.


Paying down the debt?? When do we start that? Evidently not during the great economy you claim we had under Obama. Obama doubled our debt in 8 years. NOW it’s a thing you’re concerned about?

How can a government you want to make larger ever cost less down the road than now? Get them all to take a voluntary pay cut?

Shore up social security?? There is nothing to shore up. Any money in the " social security trust fund" was looted long ago. Social Security today is literally funded by a Ponzi Scheme. I’ve pointed out in other threads about our declining country. We aren’t having enough children to perpetuate ourselves. I’ve also asked about the benefits of abortion to a secular society. The problem with social security is there aren’t enough people coming into the workforce to continue making the necessary payments to those old enough to collect. I wonder if social security would need shoring up if the 60 million aborted children were coming into our workforce and the value of the traditional family was still taught in our schools? :thinking:

Yup, Medicare and Medicaid need fixing. Our military though is a different matter. You have to admit the US has paid a disproportionate share of NATO and pays billions of dollars to other nations for the privilege of protecting THEIR countries. Trump is trying to fix this situation by demanding other countries pay their fair share. I would agree, we should not be the world’s policeman. We should put America first here by protecting our own borders and carefully weighing our military presence and actions in other countries by how it affects our interests and security and that of our allies. Our military members should be paid fairly, given all the equipment they need to do their jobs safely to defend our freedom and our veterans and military families taken care of too. Serving is a great sacrifice and they should be treated honorably by our government and citizens. DON’T CUT COSTS BY SKIMPING ON OUR MILITARY!!

Obamacare was nothing but a means to redistribute wealth, but at least we get something of value from our military. BTW, did you know Keynes was a big believer in tax CUTS?


There is a difference between illegal and immoral. Sex outside of marriage is immoral, but not illegal, even if it is with a porn star. How then can paying hush money to hide a non crime be a crime? If Trumps sexual past is a crime worthy of jail, maybe we could put Bill Clinton in the same cell.

Don’t know that price gouging his hotel guests has been proven, but if pay for play bothers you why did the Clintons get to rent out the Lincoln bedroom and run a money laundering foundation in their own name?
Yes, we can play this game all day.

Politicians lie, cheat and steal. Everyone says they hate it but it seems that it is a requirement for candidates for high office. I’d prefer a morally upright candidate on the ballot, but so far, Jesus hasn’t decided to run. Until then I’ll vote for conservative dirt bags over liberal dirt bags…


Go read up on campaign finance law. Cohen is going to jail for violating campaign finance law with those payments. At the direction of individual 1.


Hoq exactly is Socialism being forced on the American People? Got examples?


Going back to LBJ (~53 years), there have been 25 years of Democrat presidents, and 28 years of republican presidents.

In the 25 years of D presidents, there have been a total of 3 executive branch officials indicted, with 1 conviction, and 1 prison sentence.

In the 28 years of R presidents, there have been a total of 120 indictments of executive branch officials, 89 convictions, and 34 prison sentences.