Forcing Socialism upon the American people


It’s always a question of the lesser of two evils. Would I rather have more money in my pocket now due to tax cuts? EVERY SINGLE TIME. The government has indebted the next 50 generations, ( or at least until LONG after I’m dead) there is absolutely nothing I can undo what’s already been done. This ties into my destruction thread over in the RF. Government cares about self preservation. To ensure their continued power in our system, they have to convince voters how wonderful they are, and what isn’t wonderful about a Santa Claus government that provides lots of free toys to it’s citizens? It sounds great on paper, but only liberals believe the stuff is free. That’s why the government run schools teach liberalism…


So… be really concerned, but not so concerned as to not leave a huge bill after we are dead.

That tracks.


Seems like credit default swaps played bigly into the crash.


I’m gonna guess the numbers for Trump, when all is said and done, will be in the range of 15 to 20, and we’ll find out what they are well before 6 years are up.


The bill is already past due…What’s the solution for paying it?


They wouldn’t have given him the 2 years he’s had if they had anything they could charge him with. Only people with the last name of Clinton are protected from being investigated, charged and imprisoned for committing felonies.

As I said a couple pistsy ago, everyone needs a dream. In this case though, I believe he hasn’t done anything impeachable, let alone commit an actual crime.


There were many things that led to the crash…


Stop acting like supply side economics is a thing.

During economic good times, pay down the debt.

Address the three largest parts of the budget first… Social Security,Medicare/Medicaid and military spending.

Social Security and Medicaid/Medicare can be shored up mostly with tax tweaks but that will still leave gaps and unpopular solutions will have to happen.

The military could have it’s budget drastically reduced… but that is politically unpopular also. But… if we would just admit that Military spending is a Keynesian tool to hose money into the economy… then we could treat it as such.


Okay, let’s stick to crimes.

  • What part of paying hush money to conceal an affair days before an election is not illegal? Because he didn’t do it to influence the election, but to protect his sterling reputation as a faithful husband? Okay.
  • What part of charging well-above-market rates to foreign dignitaries or American business interests who stay at his Washington DC hotel is not illegal? Because they didn’t write “for unnamed favors” in the memo field of the check? Okay.
  • What part of attesting the value of the Seven Springs property at $20M for tax purposes, and $291M for purposes of obtaining a loan, is not illegal? Rounding error? Okay.

We can do this all day.


I don’t imagine he will.

Money needs to move from the central government behemoth to the private sector.


Not even close.


So that the good times are only for Centgov.




Sorry but the free market is not a universal panacea.



Been doing that for quite a while now.

Deficits continue to increase along with the wealth gap.

Government isn’t a business… nor should it be.


What is that supposed to mean?


You think the economy will perform better in 2019 and 2020 than last year?


It does. You think public funds just disappear into the ether?


It’s a spending problem.

“Wealth gap” :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


It means times are not good because of government.