Forcing Socialism upon the American people


Are there articles or papers that argue this with objective measures? Why do nations with more robust social programs not have even worse economic issues than those I shared?


There as many reasons as there are countries. You are attempting to use rational choice theory to extrapolate someone else’s choices onto our situation. It is too complex for that.


I want objective reasons as to why social programs in the US have led to income inequality, increasing CPI and stagnant wages. If that is the case, I want to know why similar things have not occured in countries with similar or more robust social programs. This is a reasonable question. If something has caused a problem, it is reasonable to ask why and also ask why it has not caused similar problems in other locations.


Because rational choice theory doesn’t work, especially in a complex system.

You are assuming all people are the same.


Door C. You know, we were gonna hit over 3% in 2013 or 2014 (forgot which year off the top of my head) but there was that pesky sequester the GOP pushed through. I’ll give you that Obama made the mistake of signing that.

Trump inherited an economy near full employment, implemented a massive deficit fueled tax cut and has increased government spending and he hasn’t hit 3% either. What gives?


This is demonstrably untrue. I’m guessing you are thinking of the CRA allegedly forcing bad loans.

Not all financial institutions were governed by the CRA. Those that were not governed by the CRA had a HIGHER loan failure rate than those institutions that were governed by the CRA. This data directly contradicts your premise.

Banks failed because they CHOSE to make increasingly risky loans, thinking that the rise in value would continue unabated.

Hope this helps you move forward with a better understanding of the housing crisis.


Multiple regression analysis. It’s done all the time. I don’t agree with the assertion that this is untestable seconday to complexity and I certainly don’t agree that something should not be done because of an appeal to complexity.


Socialism is in DIRECT CONFLICT with OUR Constitution, SMH!
A Wall will not save us from these people, the Democrats Foreign n Domestic Policies have been killing us off by the millions…
America is being eating alive from within,YLBD


I don’t need to appeal to complexity, it is simply there.

What is your dependent variable?


Reliance on social assistance programs. Many independent variables.


Unacceptable. Try again. You’re thinking too small.

Get away from Descartes and Newton. We’ve learned since then.


Equality for all now. everyone gets at least on swing of the axe no matter if they can handle it or not.

Free trees for everyone!!! Obama already did that by printing up money. lol.
Owe, and don’t forget pot also. “medical” pot. lol.


Trump has been in office for 2 years. Let’s see what the numbers are in 6 when he’s done…

As for the deficit and government spending? Unfortunately, neither side actually cares about either of those. We are headed for an eventual crash regardless of who gets in office. The goal is kicking the can far enough down the road past re-election time and enjoying the victories our sides get when they’re in power.


The President ran on eliminating the debt.

He also ran on a bunch of other things… but he ran on that.

One cannot excuse the GOP of not living up to it’s promise of being fiscally responsible becuase of the perception that the other side does it.

It really makes no sense.


Yeah, he’s doing bad on that one. Maybe Pence can fix it.


He won’t.

He will say that he will… but he won’t.

It isn’t about eliminating the debt, it is about shunting federal dollars into privatized services that the government once provided… all under the guise of the free market and Capitalism


Spoiler alert, he has already peaked and the declining performance this year and next will not bode well come re-election time.


Everybody needs a dream…
But for the sake of discussion, I’ll grant you’re right. If the current bunch of jackasses are the best you can put up against him in 2020, you’re in for another disappointment. Bigly!!


It’s not a question of forgiveness, it’s a question of acceptance. Fiscal responsibility can not be achieved without a president and Congress working together for the good of the people and that ain’t gonna happen.

This is one of the things I don’t get about liberals. Congress has maintained about an 11% approval rating for decades. Both sides have demonstrated a near total disdain for serving the people. They get automatic raises, behave like royalty and do little but bicker. No one in the private sector could keep their jobs if they behaved like our Congress and Senate. They lie, slander, cheat, steal, bribe and engage in every other form of scumbaggery known to man, and you guys think ever more and more of them is the answer to societies problems. I honestly don’t understand it…


This is one thing I don’t understand about those who vote for the GOP out of concern for fiscal responsibility.