Forcing Compliance Trans Religion

Somebody was asking the other day for an example of force being used to drive compliance.


I feel bad for women.


I asked for an example of government forcing people to use certain pronouns. I’m aware that some people want to force gender integration of athletics, which I’m opposed to.

How many transgender threads do we need? The political class has done a great job distracting us from important issues with this nonsense, and this board is a great example of that.


the govt doesnt need to enforce it. the maniac left already does.


Just ignore them I guess?

80 billion


Until it stops.

Ok. Does it stop with sports?


So never then? Transgender people exist and I doubt they’re just going to shut up and stay hidden. What’s your end goal here?

Not sure what you’re asking. Does the integration of transgender people in society stop with sports? No, it doesn’t.

haha. yeah. ignore “antifa”


does antifa enforce or act in furtherance of the trans movement?

ANTIFA is forcing people to use specific gender pronouns? Have you ever met anyone in real life who claimed to be a member of ANTIFA? I haven’t.

There we go.

Away from the kids. No crittin’ the crib, then we’ll see.



At the expense of 10s of thousands of young ladies and their efforts to excel in sports, the trans-left sacrifices them for a handful of mentally confused males. Now to anyone to whom this makes sense, allow me to say right here and now…YOU…are a virtuous, sheoplized idiot. I wonder how many, down the road, will deny they were ever for this stupidity?

I’m sure the reasoning will be along the same logical lines of…we didn’t vote for Biden, we voted against Trump.


Away from your kids. You don’t get to make decisions about other people’s kids.

Yes, this is a clown topic.

Yep, away from the kids. In public spaces I do.

Do you even realize you do it at this point?

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Question: are there special public programs exclusively for women?

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Your kids, yes. But if other parents want to bring their kids to a drag show at a theater, for example, you should have no say in the matter.

Do what? Point out that the political class has done a masterful job making you think this is an important topic? How much time have you spent worrying about transgender people in recent months? Think about it.

Answer: yes.

In public spaces I do.

Crit. “Integrate into society.”

Thought so. And when a male claims to be a woman, are they now included in these special programs?

By “public space,” do you mean a privately owned theater that serves the public? And you want the government to dictate what shows that theater is allowed to stage?

I don’t know what this means.

That’s for the various states and program administrators to work out for themselves. For the most part, I couldn’t care less.