Forced out for being white

I think the Democrats are shooting themselves in the foot here…

Their Diversity committee was apparently mostly white - so several top staffers have been forced to resign (rather than outright fired) and they are being ordered to hire people of color in their place.

I suppose it’s ironic that a diversity committee would be mostly one color - but won’t it be “one color” once the whites are all replaced by blacks?

What makes you think that is happening? The article says nothing of the sort

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First to depart Monday morning was Executive Director Allison Jaslow, a former top campaign aide and congressional chief of staff to Bustos who ascended to the top staff job earlier this year alongside several other Bustos loyalists.

Loyalty…loyalty…where have I been hearing condemnation for hiring and expecting loyalty?

Must be hard to be Caucasian in America

I can’t read the article since it’s behind a WaPo pay wall. But if true, it’s racism. How is it permitted to force someone out of a job because of their color of skin ?

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Shocker. The OP isn’t true.

Only if you’re a Democrat. :wink:

When will white people ever catch a break in this country?

When they quit apologizing for being white.


We need to fight racism by making choices based upon the color of one’s skin. :rofl:


A bunch did stop apologizing. They are called white nationalists.


So if you don’t apologize for being white, you’re a white nationalist? And do we have a name for people who want whites to no longer be the majority in this country?


Well… that went places I didn’t think it would go.

Interesting. Aren’t you white?

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Great post. A little long for a bumper sticker, but it would make a great banner.

Shouldn’t “breaks” be on merit? Who’s getting the “breaks” now and based on what?

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The point I was trying to make is that white people having to apologize for being white is a stupid narrative.

Why can’t we just be Americans?

It’s not a matter of “wanting”.

It’s going to happen…whites are going to be a minority in this country.



Seems to be the implication.

I read the article and your OP don’t necessarily line up. The majority of the departures were due to lack of leadership. Having a diverse committee was one of the areas that the committee chairperson cited.

It doesn’t seem like anyone was “fired” or “forced out” so that they could be replaced by a black person.

They want a diverse committee and they have a well qualified pool of candidates in the democrat house. There is zero reason why they can find a representative mix of people to sit on the committee.