For the people. Uh huh

A standard communist phrase. It is now the campaign slogan of the Democrats.

Just like libs tried to turn MAGA against us, I recommend we put out alot of imagery showing a lib carrying a box, a case clearly marked “LIES” and the caption is “For the people: A gift from Democrats”.

Dem’s have a better track record than repub’s.

I switched to Democrat earlier this year. All the real smart Trump haters said Trunp was a Dem. So I can now reach into my basket of brilliance now and help Trump with such things.

I got one for them…

“Together we can do more.”

It’s the thug of Venezuela’s election slogan. And considering the direction of the dems…lol!

How about… “Open the borders, now!”…

I predict it will crash and burn.

Good slogan “crash and burn”

I’m pretty sure “Workers of the world unite!” is the official worldwide communist slogan.