For the 3rd time anti israeli boycott law struck down

texas joined other states in passing a law saying that if you boycotted israel you couldnt hold a state contract. they required you to sign a pledge that you werent pushing for an israeli boycott.

this is the third judge to strike these laws down. more than 2 dozen states have passed similar laws but hopefully they will all be struck down.

the first amendment gives you the right to boycott israel. period

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I really don’t know what our elect officials are thinking on this one. This is 10th grade civics class stuff, and maybe even younger.

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They’re appealing to their constitutents.

They can virtue signal on Israel and then double dip with a rant about “activist courts”.

What’s not to understand?

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I wonder if it goes to SCOTUS how they’d rule

What part of Shall pass no law is unclear?