Food Stamp Purge

Why in the world would a family with parents making $50,000 a year need food stamps?

Definitely sounds like the middle class trying to take advantage of a program for poor people.

The federal government has “lost” over 30 trillion dollars since 9/11.

There’s no shortage of money for SNAP.

You put “lost” in quotes. What does that mean? You don’t think the money has been lost? Thrown away?

The government does not have the money to waste on people who don’t need food stamps but think they’re entitled to it because why should they have to pay for food when others (i.e., the poor) don’t have to?

$50,000 for a family of four. I’m assuming thats combined household income. Depending on where you live, thats not a lot for a family of 4.

You should open a search engine and research it if you’re concerned about the way our federal government spends your money.

We have more than enough for SNAP, Medicaire, Defense, etc…

Everyone arguing over which program should be given priority over the other are sheep eating from the trough.

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Really? 50 K goes no where. My son a first year teacher makes just shy of 40 K…and right now he’s living at home. How do you think a family of 4 makes it on 50 K? When both kids are home we spend 250 to 300 bucks in groceries…

Yeah, $50,000 for a family of four, I have no problem with them using food stamps.

So you’re saying that Trump should NOT tighten eligibility for SNAP/food stamps?

You think he is wrong to do so because it’s not necessary?

You always sound so confused when your replies start off with, “So you’re saying??” or “So you think??”.

Obviously, I disagree with Trump. Obviously, this isn’t the first time you’ve seen that happen either.

Trying paying attention. lol

250 to 300 a week?

And how much a month do you spend on a new car payment instead of an old car? On your phone plan(s)? On your TV and wifi?

Cut down on that instead of taking charity meant for the actual poor.

I make a little over 60 k. With with holdings and insurance. That’s about 44 k take home…so figure 38 k for a pay of 50K a year. Fortunately for me my wife makes about 50 k as a teacher so I know what her take home is and it puts us at about 75K per year.

I’d be curious to see what your idea of a budget breakdown would be. Up for the challenge? I’m not saying your entirely “wrong” but you might not be aware of how expensive raising a family is.

$50k per year, be sure to take out taxes

I don’t take charity…food stamps…but I am saying 50k is not a lot to live on in. Most of the country.


Doesn’t cost much to feed a family of four either.

We’re at about 500 a month in groceries for our family of 5. That’s 100 dollars per person, per month. It’s more expensive during summer break too of course.

As the children get bigger, so does the monthly food bill. We have 10 more years until the first one is old enough to chose his own path.

If any of my kids have a teenage metabolism like their father did, we’ll easily be spending a grand a month in food.

Perhaps because I am confused. Sometimes people respond in ways that are not easy to follow.

Obviously, this isn’t the first time you’ve seen that happen either.

On the contrary, it is not obvious. You are assuming that I read every post you make, which is not the case.

Trying paying attention.

I only read threads that interest me, not every single one. I only pay attention to threads that interest me, and do not for threads that don’t. If you post in those threads, I won’t see them.

But now that you’ve informed me that you don’t always agree with Trump, I’ll bear that in mind when I read your posts.

Please you bear in mind that a lot of posters on these boards don’t answer simple questions simply, but instead resort to sarcasm and “reverse posting” (not sure if that’s the correct term for it) so it’s difficult to know if they’re being serious or not.

2-300 a week for a family of four is not cheap but then, it doesn’t cost that much, this woman was feeding a family of seven on 300 a month, granted it was in 2015 but it was a family of seven, not four.

It sounds like your expectation is for food stamps to be the difference between starvation.

I would also like to see you budget 35-38K income for a family of four.

Are you attempting to do it as cheaply as possible though? Heck I spend 200 a week for just me and the wife but that is a lot of luxury items in the grocery list, if we were broke I could get it down to 50 a week with no problem.

Fair enough. I’m pretty easy to figure out. I’m a mirror reflection of what I’m responding to, be it a topic or a post.

It’s intuitive for some, and requires a bit of introspection for others. Everyone is different.