Follow the science! University bans unvaccinated student from on-line classes

Zero tolerance policies do suck.

That doesn’t mean they can’t be enacted.

If there is an on-campus ban on smoking, can they apply the rule to students who never come to the campus?

What interest does the university have in enforcing that?

no, that wouldn’t happen. I explained what I meant. And it wasn’t that.

I suspect this is the logic behind this decision.

That could be covered by a rule that virtual students who are not vaccinated cannot attend off campus school activities.
In fact, I cant think of any problem that this could cause that couldn’t be cured with a less restrictive rule. To me it sounds like an overreach of someone putting their own standards where they don’t belong and likely an invasion of privacy.

There are limits.


It’s called discrimination and that is against Federal law. Can you say lawsuit? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Here. I’ve come up with a solution for everyone here.

Don’t enroll at Rutgers.

There. Problem solved. Everyone happy?

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Yeah it could be.

But that would then require checking people in to campus events and cross referencing them against the vaccine data base - another step to getting people in.

Since everyone on campus must be vaccinated, just take tickets at the door, or whatever…no need to check everyone’s ID and cross reference with the database.

happens all the time. Try to attend any school without your MMR vaccine.

Exactly what civil right would that be?

I agree…they can implement any policy they choose. Seems like this one was a bit short sighted though.

Yeah no kidding… as they should! My kids and grandkids all have gotten the MMR vaccine it’s been around for decades and we have almost eliminated mumps, measles & rubella in this country although the Dems immigration/voting scam has reintroduced them back into the USA. :roll_eyes:

There is no comparison between the two vaccines. Covid19 vaccine is comparable to the seasonal flu shot and no one is discriminated against if they don’t get a flu shot.

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Not at all. The student is free to go to other school.

I hear liberty university is very open to non vax people.

Eventually they will stop online classes and he has to attend in person. Then what?

There are schools that are all online. He should go for those. Rutgers is not a fit for him.

Me too.

I mean…yeah that is a good solution. They probably get income from their polls, and other things, too.

I worked at a state university. And I can guarantee you that before they enacted this rule it was reviewed by one or more lawyers who made sure that they were completely within their rights.

They might be worried that he could meet with other students off campus. And if he infected them, they would go to campus and pass it around.

He could do that even if he wasn’t a student. Or in your world are the students not allowed to fraternize with anyone who isn’t a student?


What are you talking about “in my world”? Is that a brand? Label? What is “my world”?