Follow the science! University bans unvaccinated student from on-line classes

A student at Rutgers University was banned from taking online virtual classes because he’s unvaccinated, despite the fact that he was willing to stay off campus completely.

Does Rutgers University have some unpublished research that shows that COVID can be transmitted through the internet?

Or is this an example of the state punishing people for making medical decisions that it does not like?


Ok. And?

University enacts vaccination policies. Student who isn’t vaccinated denied services. Student transfers to new university. The end.

Does he get a refund?

The student has the right to make his own medical decisions. Whether he is vaccinated or not is irrelevant since he is not going to be around other students.

The state-supported school is violating his civil rights.

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The University has the right to require vaccinations as a requirement for enrollment. They decided that applies to online students as well. The student in question wasn’t vaccinated and did not qualify for a waiver. He is now transferring.

You’re serious.

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What compelling interest does the state-supported school have in requiring a vaccine for online students?

Are they worried about the virus leaking through the wi-fi?

It is like banning smoking on campus and then claiming that the rule applies to online students who are never even on the campus.

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I’m gonna say this is a prime example of why zero tolerance policies suck. Sometimes, you just can’t fix stupid.

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Maybe they believe requiring vaccinations for all students is good policy.


Yes, many state-supported universities are prime examples of proclaiming “tolerance” until they disagree with your opinions or your lifestyle. Then they want to beat you into submission.

The vaccine requirement is tremendous stretch even for in-person classes. There is no evidence that the unvaccinated students pose a significantly greater threat of transmitting the virus than vaccinated students.

Applying the rule to online classes is absurd.


Yes, for the good health of the students they should ban use of tobacco, alcohol, coffee, and marijuana along with extramarital sex.

Those are the requirements for Brigham Young, but the school is not state-supported.

COVID-ism has become the official state religion.

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Yes, even for online students.

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I think the idea is the student could change to in-person classes and bypass the requirements.

That doesn’t make any sense.

perhaps they are concerned about this student going clubs or teams or participating in in person campus events.

Since they have a vaccine requirement, it follows they would not have to check vaccination status at those events, and therefore, this student would be able to participate in them without being vaccinated.

Codes of conduct apply to remote students as well as in person students.

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Can a state-supported university ban adult students from using tobacco, alcohol, or engaging in extramarital sex?

All are legal conduct that arguably could affect the health of the student and others.


No. I was just thinking about alcohol abuse, or hazing, or sexual harassment etc…

IOW, just because you are remote, they still can hold you to their rules.

No they are not.

He has no inherent right to attend Rutgers, even if it is a state school.