Follow the money

Follow the money that disappeared from Ukraine did it get sent to China to Hunter Biden?

Was this just a money laundering scam?

Maybe the reason China gave 1.5 billion deal to Hunter was because it wasn’t there money but the us taxpayer money?

Just a few questions I haven’t heard anyone ask

What are you talking about? What “money that disappeared”?

What money that disappeared from Ukraine?

The 1.8 billion Biden gave them after the guy was fired disappeared from the bank it was deposited in

Then Hunter gets this deal from a China bank for 1.5 billion that no other company has ever got the like of before?

This didn’t happen.

That $1.8 Billion aid package was not given to the Ukraine in cash. It consisted of loan forgiveness and arms packages.


Womp womp.

Some of these people will not understand this.

I’m not seeing anthing to show that it disappeared of if it did where it went.

Money in that part of the world disappears regularly which is a big part of why the Ukraine is one of the most corrupt countires on earth.

The IMF and US foreign aid regularly ends up in the pockets of despots and dictators instead of going to the people it’s supposed to be helping.

I seriously doubt it ended up in Biden’s pocket because transfers that large are easily traced unless it’s moved in cash, gold, platinum etc.

Ukraine is not one of the most corrupt countries on earth. Where did you get that from?

The 1.8 billion in foreign aid that disappeared from Hunter Bidens Ukrainian bosses bank.

I realize that this isnt being covered the same in all parts of the world but the money went to the Ukraine, not Barisma

The Ukraine is investigating the misappropriation of 7 billion dollars, 1.8 billion of that is missing from the bank that is owned by Hunters boss.

Keep up.
1.8 went to a bank owned by Hunters boss.

No it didnt. The money was loan guarantees to Ukraine, not Burisma

You keep thinking that.

Prove it then. Cite the article showing the money went to Burisma

Glen Beck explainse it in the Ukraine scandal explained thread I created.

Your fallback is…Glenn Beck?

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More reliable then all the fake news that pushed the Russian hoax.


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