FNC trying to equate the Patriots and Trump?

I was just watching Watters and he was saying everybody is rooting for the Rams because they equate the Patriots with Trump and all of their winning. I’m sorry, but, no, after all the garbage Trump and FNC talked about the NFL neither one get to compare jack ■■■■ to the NFL.

well both are well known cheats.


Probably due to the supposed rapport between Donald and Brady during the election. Donald wishes he were as successful as the Patriots, and likes to try and glom on to others’ success.

If they win tomorrow, I imagine Donald will invite them to the White House. KFC for everyone!

as a patriots fan i enjoy your tears

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I remember the year the Falcons lost to the Patriots in the Super Bowl. Rush kept trying to compare the Patriots to Trump that year. Now, mind you, the Falcons were the long shot that year. They were the underdog. No one expected them to defeat the Patriots. So, when the Patriots won, it was really no big surprise.

Now, contrast that with Trump’s win. Everyone - including, seemingly Trump, was surprised when Trump won.

I never could figure out that comparison.

I have to admit it’s a little awkward being a Patriots fan knowing Kraft, Belichick, and Brady seem to be Trump supporters. I hope that the last few years have been a wake up call to them, but who knows?

if they patriots lose but try to claim they actually won the game and say that all the news reports saying they lost was fake news then they would be like trump…


Watters? Isn’t he the guy who used to be O’Reilly’s go-fer?

Ditto LOL.

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Brady was stuttering a bit last time I heard someone bring up that subject with him. Kinda had a deer in the headlights look for just a moment too, he didn’t want to talk about it and dodged the question. I could be wrong but I got the impression he was starting to see Trump for the idiot he is.

Is there a game today that is important to some people?

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Been a Patriots fan for decades. Not sure I’d call it important lol, but I do expect an exciting game.

He can serve the new KFC Cheetos Sandwich!


I’ve tried to enjoy sports but…after this many decades I’ve concluded, I’m not wired for it.

My wife got me more involved decades ago. Before that I could take it or leave it. She’s a bigger fan than me lol

The Cheetos crust is now a thing even in the nicest restaurants. My mom had fish the other night in a lovely cafe and the coating was Cheetos. I don’t know where it started first, upscale restaurants or fast food chains - but it is a thing now.

Jeez, I never heard of that. I would never order such an atrocity. Gross.

She said it was very good.

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And now he’s the intellectual center of Fox News.

I love to watch him interrupt people to make the point liberals stifle debate.

Enough so that he doesn’t want to be associated with him.