Flynn fires counsel. Hires new legal team

Interesting speculation surrounding this. Could he be expecting a pardon? Judge Sullivan will be asking some questions about this.

In a text message to POLITICO, Giuliani said he was not Flynn’s new lawyer. Dershowitz replied that he’s not representing Flynn. DiGenova in an email wrote, “We are not at liberty to discuss.”

Sounds like it’s DeGenova. Oh, good. Another TV lawyer.

They are gonna go after Mueller because Mueller thinks his no. Partisan demeanor will win out…

These folks are gonna bury him because he disnt at by the new rules

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Lefts love affair with Michael Avenatti.

That’s gone…he fits in more with the GOP now

Sorry but that stink lingers around most libs.

Yeah it really doesnt. Just look at what your head of the treasury did to Sears in order to make a buck…

Fits right in there with the gop…liars, stealing, cheating and then project ■■■■ onto the dems so nobody notices they are stealing everything…

And you defend it with your own projections…


I’m thinking DiGenova + Flynn = Pardon. Followed by, “I got framed”


What are you talking about?

This thread is about Flynn firing his legal team and hiring a new one. I know derangement syndrome some into play here.

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Yeah, they’ve been crazy busy trying to make that traitor Carter Page into a hero.

Fake media are the real traitors here.


The Judge in this case seems to have also let Barr off the hook for not supplying the transcript of the call between Flynn and Kislyak.

He didn’t kneel during a song

Then why did you bring up Avenatti?


Maybe he wants to withdraw his guilty plea?

The President of the United States will pardon the crooks and criminals that like him.

You guys that elected him own that.


no see Degenova is a person who was paid to go on tv on fox

avenati is a lawyer who begs to be on tv

once again no clue


New reading material. The 302 from Flynn investigation.