Florida's First Responders Receive $1,000 Bonus Check

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis said that the bonus checks were a “token of our appreciation for all they do to keep our communities safe and secure.”

It has now been two years in a row that Florida delivered for our fire rescue and law enforcement communities.

Florida supports the police and those that put their lives on the line every day in our service.


Money well spent and well deserved. :+1:

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Now do the teachers.


Sounds like vote buying to me.


Because they are important?

If you say so…

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The interesting thing is the money for this comes from the American Rescue Plan, of which DeSantis was critical. I’m sure he’s being totally up front that this appreciation bonus is being funded by federal money…or not.


Education is the enemy of conservatism.


What a stupid post…


When can we expect all the complaining about inflation to begin?

Also, who’s gonna lead the charge on “it’s not my fault they took that job, why should I be paying their bonus!?” :rage:

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Is Florida printing money?

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Ooh. Good one.

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Just using money already printed.

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Yes. I’m saying that teachers are important.

Then how does that effect inflation?

Very important. Just not in Florida.

Aren’t teachers paid very low in the great state of Florida?

They are paid too low in every state imo.

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The program began last year, a non-election year. Nice try though.