Florida vote by mail and early voting statistics on the eve of the primary election (08/17/20)

Stats Type Republican Democrat Other No Party Affiliation Total Compiled
Vote-by-Mail Provided (Not Yet Returned) 646,374 982,711 27,788 534,005 2,190,878 08/17/2020 11:07AM Download File
Voted Vote-by-Mail 733,682 1,059,841 15,407 300,292 2,109,222 08/17/2020 11:07AM Download File
Voted Early 295,768 221,130 2,163 35,976 555,037 08/17/2020 11:07AM Download File

Early voting (now over) had a very low participation rate.

The following numbers are from the 2016 primary.

Vote‐by‐Mail Provided (Not Yet Returned) 9/15/2016 388,710 391,573 29,657 219,722 1,029,662
Voted Vote‐by‐Mail 9/15/2016 627,397 489,646 23,863 139,160 1,280,066
Voted Early 8/29/2016 253,869 243,983 5,720 34,884 538,456

Early voting participation has stayed about the same, but where Republicans and Democrats participated nearly evenly in early voting in 2016, in 2020, Republicans dominated early voting.

Vote by mail has increased by about a million since 2016 and mail ballots will be accepted until 7:00 pm election night. But where Republicans dominated vote by mail in 2016, Democrats have massively dominated it in 2020.

Republicans will need to run up a 250,000 voter participation edge on election day voting to overtake Democrats in participation this cycle. That is a mighty steep slope to climb.

Again, this is only the primary, but these numbers should be frightening the ever loving ■■■■ out of Trump, DeSantis, Scott and Rubio.

Florida voters should love Trump and abstain from mail in voting. It’s so fraud prone.

Voting by mail is super easy with how long wait times are at polling stations, Iv never voted by mail mostly because my average wait time at a polling station is 5 mins.

What method did Trump use to vote in the primary?