Florida man who shot unarmed man in parking space dispute sentenced to 20 years

20 years, he could have received 30.

I think the sentence is reasonable.

I think he has served about a year already and is currently 49. Even if he gets earlier parole, he will still be over 65 at the youngest when/if he leaves Florida State Prison.

Ironically, though Zimmerman’s name wasn’t used, the Judge described him as a wanna be cop and his attitude was similar to Zimmerman. In this case, stand your ground rightfully did not work and his life is effectively over.

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Good. I was afraid the jury was going to buy his absurd “stand your ground” defense.

If that judge made that statement he is nothing but a activist, probably liberal, hack judge demeaning neighborhood watch groups and if you “see something say something” action as we are all told to do as “wanna be” cops. so stupid and a really disgusting comment which could be used in an appeal. JMO

The Judge did NOT compare him to Zimmerman. The Judge used the term “wanna be cop” which is 100% accurate since the guy had a history of harassing people over disabled parking spaces. Not his job to enforce the law.

His conviction happened in August and will easily survive appeal.

Nothing in the record that will give the appeals court any grounds to reduce his sentence, nor should his sentence be reduced. The Judge already gave him a big enough break, by sentencing him to only 20 years, rather than the maximum of 30 years.

Zimmerman’s name was never mentioned at sentencing.

That is a comparison that I, Safiel, made.

Did you even bother to read the post that you replied to? You just immediately went in with the mouth-frothing and painting anybody that doesn’t agree with you as a liberal, activist hack. Safiel specifically said Zimmerman’s name was NOT used by the judge. Jesus Christ lady…


From the article:

the “most ironic thing about this case” was that Drejka had parked illegally to scold someone for parking illegally.

I would have given him the maximum. The victim was moving away.

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Lol. We have fun here.


That dude sounds like he wanted to get into an altercation, was asking for trouble. What grown man spends their time monitoring a parking spot at a convenience store ?

But Circuit Judge Joseph Bulone said that the defense showed the jury that Drejka was a “wannabe law enforcement officer” who made a hobby out of monitoring the parking spot at the Clearwater Circle A Food Store.

When the store’s owner asked him to stop acting as a keeper of the space, which was “not even the best space in the whole parking lot,” because it was leading to altercations, he simply started bringing a gun with him, Bulone said.

That is too awesome

Yeah, you can’t say you’re standing your ground when you shoot a guy who’s walking away.