Florida is under partial preclearance!

United States District Judge Mark Walker has placed Florida back under partial preclearance for a consistent pattern of deliberately disenfranchising black voters.

That means that EACH and EVERY Florida Statute or executive order remotely relating to voting and elections, as related to SB 90, MUST be precleared by the United States Department of Justice or the United States District Court for the District of Columbia.

Congratulations Florida.

I thought Texas would win the train wreck race to preclearance.

Turns out Florida out did Texas in stupidity.

EDIT to clarify: After reading through the judgement of the court, I would like to clarify that the preclearance is limited to those subjects that fall under the current judgement of the court. Which still greatly handicaps Florida, unless it is overturned by the 11th Circuit or Supreme Court.

Here is the decision. Warning, it is a 288 page pdf file.

Now this is interesting

That sounds completely on the up and up with mid terms approaching and Florida being the Covid mitigation champion.

I would think the lesson of Biden would preclude this election thievery.


There was no need for SB 90. Florida had no election issues and SB 90 was just red meat.

And Florida has now paid the ultimate price for that red meat.

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Between this and calling trans people “freaks” in the the DeSantis thread, I can’t imagine how the GOP lost its reputation as the party of civil rights.

So how soon before this ruling is overturned by another court? :slight_smile:

That is the wild thing. Florida is pretty Red already… they got their ■■■■ together with their elections after 2000 … it is crazy that a Red State with a solid voting system would have to anything.

if a politican repeatedly votes for laws that restrict the voting rights of minorities they should be barred from reelection. ideally they shoudl also be imprisioned for depravation of rights

The preclearance will probably be overturned in the 11th Circuit or the Supreme Court.

The courts will probably leave all or a substantial part of SB90 overturned.

But the fact that they got the ultimate penalty of preclearance at all indicates just how far overboard SB 90 went.

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There has been a ■■■■ show going on between DeSantis and the Legislature over redistricting.

The Legislature wants a 3 black district map, same as many recent years.

DeSantis wants to cut the Jacksonville to Tallahassee black district, which even the Legislature admits won’t fly in Federal Court.

Not sure what the ■■■■ DeSantis is thinking here.

Do you know what pre clearance is?

No it indicates how one judge thinks.


How can I run for President?


Saffy explained it.

I read about that…the map is not partisan enough and now he is calling for a special session…nuts

Here is an article that gives his reasoning.


You got it half right. The Senate proposed 2 maps. One he said was to partison and one he said wasn’t partison enough.


United States District Judge Mark Walker Appointed by Barack Obama

No, no, no…nothing to see here. There’s no attempt to legislate from the bench. Seriously…it’s all on the up and up. :roll_eyes:


Unable to find actual racism in a law requiring people provide identification in order to vote by mail, the judge refers to thousands of points, as in a painting by Seurat. Then he goes back to civil war times to support a history of racism in Florida.
And yes, an Obama appointee. That may be the single most important fact.