Florida GOP group says it rescinded Roger Stone invitation after attack on Barbara Bush

"The GOP committee’s chairman, Mark Franks, said the organization “ended our contract” with Stone, who was scheduled to be the keynote speaker for their Lincoln Reagan Day Dinner in May.

“It’s tough to lose a speaker when you’re three weeks out, but this is what I felt needed to be done out of respect for Barbara Bush,” Franks said. “I thought he’d be entertaining but for me this went over the line.”

Stone, however, contradicted Franks and told the Florida outlet that he was the one who ended the contract.

“I cancelled my appearance as the sponsors wanted to censor my public comments, which is unacceptable,” he said in an email."

It’s pretty obvious at this point that Stone doesn’t like the Bush family, did say all the stuff that was reported (even though people have been working overtime saying that he didn’t) and that Trump (well, if he was, you know, a normal human), would distance himself from Stone or at least use his Twitter on him like he does everyone else. Problem is, Trump is afraid of Stone. At least that’s what people have been saying for years.

First off, Stone is a pig.
Why would any legit organization invite him to speak even if he didn’t attack Mrs. Bush? What does he have to offer?

It’s become clear that what many of us see as rancid behavior is not only tolerated by many in conservative America, but actively cheered as a sign of being a “fighter”. It doesn’t even seem to matter what they are fighting against as long as it can be spun into some amorphous crusade against “libs”.

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I’m glad to see that some in the GOP/RW noticed what Stone said.

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that is so true. check out what this politician (Rep. Daryl Metcalfe Republican, PA) posted on Friday. Check out the part I bolded…

“Another lying Philadelphia Liberal Democrat Legislator attacking me this week with the help of the media! Another Democrat playing the victim while he is actually the perpetrator! After a committee meeting last week Philadelphia Representative Rabb approached me and launched into a profanity laced disrespectful tirade. A week later he wrote a letter making false accusations that I threatened him and based it on me possibly being armed because of my support for the 2nd Amendment! There is a pattern to the attacks that have been made against me by liberal loser Democrat legislators on my committee. Former Rep Leslie Acosta who lied about me is now convict Acosta, lying homosexual Rep Brian Sims has been under an ethics investigation, then there is constant touchy-feely Rep Matt Bradford who has touched me over 40 times in what many observers have said is an attempt to provoke me! When they oppose us on my committee, they lose every vote and we win every vote! I block all substantive Democrat legislation sent to my committee and advance good Republican legislation! Liberals continue their lying attacks
in an attempt to stop my work in defense of taxpayers and our liberty!”

The tone comes straight from the top.

there is a great twitter war going on between haberman and trump. She claims trump is afraid of roger stone. Huff Po has an article on it. Someone should start a thread about it. It’s fascinating.

Stone knows where the bodies are buried…so to speak?

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You must be joking.

I think there’s a lot of truth in that post. Trump needs to keep him happy.

Look around at the most influential figures in conservative America and tell me what kind of behavior has been rewarded by those people.

Heck, look at the very top (politicians). Or even the top Republican media people. The message is pretty consistent.

Is it so hard to see? All throughout the 2016 GOP primary and later the general election plenty of conservatives defended/justified Donald’s rancid behavior and words (that’s a fine word for it, really) by saying he’s “tellin’ it like it is,” “speaking my language,” and called him a “counterpuncher.” And then of course when anyone criticized those justifications, the default response was too often “LOL cry moar, libs!”

Until he leaves office and the moral police reassert themselves, Donald is the new norm for the right.

Are you forgetting Ashley Judd? Madonna? John Oliver?

Ashley Judd, Madonna, and John Oliver weren’t elected to the highest office in the land. Nor do they openly peddle absolute ******** to millions of people each and every day.

No, they weren’t elected. John Oliver doesn’t peddle tripe each and every day? The two females didn’t have a massive audience for their vitriol? All you libs weren’t cheering them on as resistance fighters?

Don’t be a hypocrite.

He’s also the role model for the kids of Trump voters. Not all of course but kids are watching their parents support/promote Trump.

This is exactly the same reaction I had upon hearing this. Why was he invited in the first place?

Friendly reminder. Plenty of principled conservatives did NOT defend his behavior or words, including Senators Sasse and Lee. Sasse even went so far as to say he would not be voting for Trump. I’m quite sure he didn’t vote for Hillary.

To this day there aren’t a lot of currently sitting R Senators and House members who are openly pro Trump.

It is known, Khaleesi, but thank you for the reminder. There are certainly threads of resistance against Donald within conservatism, and it is welcome.