FLORIDA FREEBIE: Dem Candidate Says BUSINESSES, Not Taxpayers Will Fund Universal Healthcare | Sean Hannity

The Bernie Sanders-backed candidate for Governor of Florida tried to ease voters’ concerns over massive tax hikes during the Labor Day holiday weekend, saying “corporations” and not individuals will pay for his ‘Medicare for All’ proposal

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These con artists use the larger population’s ignorance to sell these kind of “free” this and “free” that. People ignore or are ignorant of the fact that corporations/large companies do not pay “taxes” per se. Their customers do…taxes are an operating expense that gets fudged into the prices we pay for their goods and services. Yes, people, in the end YOU are paying a “tax increase” to pay for all of the “free” goods and services that the far left progressives claim they are going to give the masses for their votes. Again, those that are actually working for a living will be picking up the tab for those who don’t or won’t but want “free” whatever. Nothing in this life is “FREE.” I fear for our country because of the ignorant masses who are comfortable remaining ignorant and on the govt dole. The govt will own them and use them against the rest of us. We are getting closer and closer to Atlas Shrugged situation.

Laurie, SPOT ON, Mam.!!!
The “government” already own’s “THEM.” Lyndon Baynes Johnson said, in a public Demoreatic
meeting, “Get these ___ers to vote Democratic and we’ll own them for the next 200 years.”

The God-awful increases in gov. subsidies / rocket welfare recipients. during some Bush and
Obamarama Circus performers and Professional Clowns years is staggering. 10 TRILLION DEBT INCREASE during the Caliph’s reign.

If Gilliam, in Florida, thinks that people purchasing these “products” from the “businesses” he
will get to pay for the" healthcare" funding, should be given a little business quiz.

Black voters will favor his because of his skin color. If you think this statement is racist, just
ask these Florida voters exactly WHY they will cast their vote…for either candidate.

Would YOU vote based on color, gender ???

We have some national problems. Vote ONLY for the representative that will help alleviate
some of our previous screw-ups, and has the skills and intellect to carry out their promises.

Businesses already pay for healthcare for their employees and would likely save a bunch of money if we expanded Medicare for everyone.

Health insurance should not be tied to employment. Why can’t these numbskulls in Washington get with the program?