FLORIDA FAIL: Andrew Gillum Gains JUST ONE VOTE in Florida Recount, Refuses to Concede | Sean Hannity

Democratic candidate for Florida’s gubernatorial race Andrew Gillum gained approximately one vote in Florida’s ongoing recount against Republican Rick DeSantis this week; continuing to trail his GOP challenger by 33,683 votes.

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Some people just refuse to accept the truth. But the dims probably told him (assured him) that they would make SURE he would win. That is the TRUTH he believes. Now he’s got this other annoying thing called ‘REALITY’ to deal with. Sad.

Okay, Florida, Gillum’s extreme leftist leanings and poor character are now in full view for even the most naive voters. We are here because too many people were gullible enough to support this avowed communist. This race should never have been this close and likely wasn’t. The illegal voting and lack of a chain of custody on ballots is widespread and supported by only one major political party - you guessed it, the Democrat Party, because that is the only way they could win with such a defective candidate.

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