Florida election results (after 8:00 pm EDT) and turnout numbers

Right now, turnout is over 27% in Brevard County and over 24% in Orange County.

Vote by mail ballots are FAR outpacing both election day voting and early voting in both counties.

Statewide, Democratic participation continues to well outpace Republican participation.

First meaningful results will start to come in around 8:00 pm. Polls close in most of Florida at 7:00 pm and in the western panhandle at 8:00 pm.

Starting with the worst news of the night and proceeding from there. :smile:

State Attorney, 9th Judicial Circuit


Contest Results by County
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Candidate Party Votes Received
Deborah Lynne Barra DEM 26,442 19.57%
Belvin Perry Jr DEM 42,926 31.77%
Ryan Williams DEM 8,555 6.33%
Monique Worrell DEM 57,177 42.32%
Total 135,100

As in 2016, Soro’s candidate won the 9th Judicial Circuit State Attorney seat. Now to see if she is as much of a ■■■■■■■ train wreck as her predecessor.

This was essentially the election for this seat, there is no Republican candidate and she faces only an independent candidate in November.

Results in Congressional District 1 are VERY early since it is entirely in the Panhandle and thus the polls have just closed. But Matt Gaetz appears to be easily winning renomination.

Bill Posey faced down a strong opponent in CD 8 and should be easily reelected in November.

Hey that total lunatic Laura Loomer won the Republican primary. Y’know, the one who chained herself to only one door at Twitter headquarters and everyone just walked around her? The one who went to Minneapolis with Jacob Wohl and claimed Ilhan Omar’s Moslem goons were threatening their lives? Matt Gaetz endorsed her.

Central Florida is so ■■■■■■■

Thankfully, no big deal. Lois Frankel will squash her like a bug in Florida’s 21st CD.

I understand most of her competition was little better.


Contest Results by County
Compare State to County

Candidate Party Votes Received
Christian Acosta REP 7,183 25.44%
Elizabeth Felton REP 2,024 7.17%
Laura Loomer REP 11,952 42.33%
Aaron Scanlan REP 2,670 9.46%
Reba Sherrill REP 918 3.25%
Michael Vilardi REP 3,488 12.35%

Orange County and Osceola County anyhow.

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Based on her touchy feely Soros based policies, I expect to see the crime rate climb when the bad guys realize that the State Attorney is handing them a Get Out of Jail Free card.

There is a significant difference between now and four years ago. In that time, the Florida Supreme Court has done 180 degree turn due to the appointments of Rick Scott and Ron DeSantis. She is NOT going to get a sympathetic voice in the Florida judiciary if she strays from the straight and narrow path of simply prosecuting cases according to the law.


65 counties have completely canvassed precincts.
Miami-Dade is at 96.75% of precincts
Palm Beach is at 80.50% of precincts

All 67 counties have completely canvassed early voting.

Less than half of counties have completed vote by mail, which is not unexpected or indicative of a problem, since vote by mail was so extremely heavy.

Very few counties have completed provisional ballots.

Baker, Desoto, Franklin, Jefferson, Lafayette, Liberty, Madison and Wakulla counties are the only counties to have completed their canvassing at this time. All eight of those counties are extremely small, rural counties.