Florida Election Investigation?

Sean mentioned Monday night on Fox that there is definitely an investigation underway into the Florida elections of November 2018. In a thorough search of the internet, I’m not finding any reference to an official investigation… not even on Fox News Channel. I really want to know more about the investigation. Could someone refer me to specific information about this? Thank you.

Perhaps there isnt one

There is no offical investigation, but Rick Scott is calling for one.

It’s not as it seems, all the discussion of things being “illegal” are in reference to them taking longer than required, no actual fraud has been found at this time.

Remember, our President actually said we should have the entire AZ election redone… when there wasn’t anything remotely controversial about it…

The rhetoric and misleading commentary in this election is kind of scary TBH.

Not sure how any republican can justify undermining our election system and democracy by calling into question the outcome of an election without a shred of proof that anything unlawful took place.

If you are one of these people, you may be a lot of things, but you’re definitely not pro-America.

Maybe because there are rules that guide how the election process is to be run that were severely broken?

Name the rules that were severely broken.

It’s my understanding that the Florida State Constitution has time guidelines regarding tallies after the polls close that have been adhered to by every county in the state except two.

So 2 counties are late with providing the number of ballots? That’s severe rule breaking?

I agree those counties should have the correct numbers, but in the end do you or do you not want all ballots counted?

And by the way, I think Scott and DiSanto will win.

So they are breaking laws, not rules… Has any court weighed in on these transgressions?

It isn’t a matter of whether or not I want them counted. There are laws and I want them followed.

Hmmm…I recall that yesterday a Judge ruled there is no evidence of fraud of any kind.

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Ditto the Dept of State of Florida and the state police.

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Y’all just need to relax for a few minutes and let the process work before people go around calling others criminals.

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It’s their actions that determine whether or not they are criminals and I look forward to our judicial system weighing in and determining who is and who isn’t? Then…severely prosecute those that are.

They are batting zero so far on criminal activity…

Innocent until proven guilty no longer applies I see.

No…you missed. Reread the part about the “judicial system weighing in and determining…”

You already determined that the rules were severely broken.