Florida Democrats will Recount till They Win!

This is what I think will happen:
Just like they did with disgraced senator Al Franken, they will steal the election. It will be way more than hanging chads, or a few iffy ballots, it will be fraud on a massive scale, even greater than the fraud done in Minnesota!

They will come up with the votes, dead or alive, foreign or domestic, vote harvesting, payoffs, whatever it takes, they will steal the election.

I HOPE I’m wrong.

Still as ignorant of election law as ever.

Yeah because nobody will second guess whatever uncounted provisional ballots etc. that they find. Opposing republicans will just take their word for it yup. That’s exactly what will happen.

So far, there is ZERO evidence of any foul play. Nothing, zip zero nada.

The president told there was fraud, so by gum there is fraud.

Evidence be damned.


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Holy ****. Just found 500 new ballots for Al Gore!! :joy_cat:


Now we know why Trump couldn’t get out of his hotel room, he’s busy stealing the FL elections!



Must be that old “seriousness of the charge” bizness lol.


Pretty much ignorant of everything



They should have just stopped counting when Scott was in the lead.

No reason to count ballot of actual voters.

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More likely he’s got a new ‘‘Stormy’’. :yum:

I wouldn’t have a problem with this if they were only counting the ballots of Republican voters.

So far, there is ZERO evidence of any foul play. Nothing, zip zero nada.
Here is the law:
(4)(a) The supervisor of elections shall upload into the county’s election management system by 7 p.m. on the day before the election the results of all early voting and vote-by-mail ballots that have been canvassed and tabulated by the end of the early voting period. Pursuant to ss. 101.5614(8), 101.657, and 101.68(2), the tabulation of votes cast or the results of such uploads may not be made public before the close of the polls on election day.

__(b) The canvassing board shall report all early voting and all tabulated vote-by-mail results to the Department of State within 30 minutes after the polls close. Thereafter, the canvassing board shall report, with the exception of provisional ballot results, updated precinct election results to the _
department at least every 45 minutes until all results are completely reported. The supervisor of elections shall notify the department immediately of any circumstances that do not permit periodic updates as required. Results shall be submitted in a format prescribed by the department.

They were supposed to get all the ballots by law tabulated by today, the fourth day after. All the mail ballots and early voting ballots were supposed to be tabulated prior to election day. As far as the other ballots. No counting of anything after today. By law they were supposed to update every 45 minutes the election officials, they have provided nothing. They gave one total of how many votes there were of 600,000 on Tuesday, then on Wednesday, 700,000 changing the numbers. Fought in court to keep everything secret. Hiding stuff. So you think that is all fine?

They have a history of at least by a sworn affidavit of stuffing ballots in 2016.

How about this for a history of stuffing ballots, at least by sworn affidavits?



Sworn affidavit that in 2016 there was stuffing of ballots in this very Broward County. A summary of it cause I can’t copy and paste the affidavit. But you can see the affidavit.

Voters in Florida have reportedly been complaining that they aren’t receiving their absentee ballots they requested. Friday, it was revealed that Democrat insiders are filling out the absentee ballots themselves.

Mike Cernovich released the breaking news around noon Friday of a group of election employees in Broward County, Florida who were caught red-handed, filling out stacks of ballots.

A woman identified as Chelsey Smith has provided her sworn testimony of the incident via affidavit. Smith said she was employed through a temporary employment agency, working full time at the Broward County Supervisor of Elections (SOE) office in Lauderhill, FL.

As part of her duties, she often was required to handle absentee ballots, and is familiar with their appearance. She said on Monday, October 31, she was asked by her supervisor, Charlotte Shipman-Smith, to carry a stack of absentee ballot request forms to another room in the building, that she had never been in before. The door was locked and required a security number to enter, which she was not provided.

If you look at the affidavit itself you see it says she saw people writing on these forms.

In another thing in 2016: Judge sides with Florida GOP in absentee ballot dispute with Broward County - POLITICO

In the absentee ballot case, controversy arose in 2016 when Republican poll watchers complained that Snipes’ staff was opening the ballots in private, thereby making it impossible for citizens or groups to question whether the ballots were properly cast.

After Broward made a brief accommodation, the party sued in January of 2017 to make sure Snipes followed the law.

Under state law, an elector or campaign can challenge the lawfulness of an absentee ballot, but only before the ballot has been opened from its mail-in envelope. By opening the ballot before it got to the three-member Canvassing Board, the Republican Party complained, Snipes’ office was breaking the law and making any challenge impossible.

Also as can be found elsewhere she destroyed ballots helping Debbie Wasserman-Schultz against a primary challenger.

And so when every single county included a county that was devastated by a hurricane was able to count votes Election nights, and when there were totals on Tuesday night when Scott was up by 57,000 votes, mysteriously it goes down to 14,000 votes, and they still want to count, who in the right mind would trust this Broward County who has been breaking the laws in the past. Even today some invalid votes were mixed in with valid ones.

We’re supposed to be hunky dory with this?

Wait you count your vote in America? in Canada we just let the Queen pick the winner.


I think it’s clear based on all the whining coming from the right side of debate that we need to federalize all voting for federal seats… Consistent standards across the nation…

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can’t Trump just tell the FBI to storm the offices of these evil liberals?

With the affidavits in hand, where is the legal action? It’s been two years.

I would not and could not defend the actions you described. I heard some noise about it in local news in 2016 but it kinda went quiet. Why is that? It usually means they had no case.