Florida 3rd Congressional District Republican primary, this really could use ranked choice voting

Below is the list of qualified candidates for Florida’s 3rd Congressional District, being vacated by retiring Representative Yoho.

3 Democrats and 10 Republicans are running. However, this is a safe Republican district, so for all intents and purposes, the winner of the Republican primary will be the winner of the election.

Theoretically, any one of those Republicans could win the primary with a fraction over 10% of the vote. And as none of them seem to particularly stand out at this point, the winner will likely prevail with less than 30% of the vote.

The danger in such a situation is that quality candidates could split the mainstream vote, while a single nut job gets the extreme vote and wins.

Perhaps it is time to institute ranked choice voting, which would help ensure against such an outcome and would ensure that the winner has support from more than a small minority.

3 Christensen, Adam (DEM) Qualified
Dodds, Philip (DEM) Qualified
Wells, Tom (DEM) Qualified
Cammack, Kat (REP) Qualified
Chamberlin, Ryan D. (REP) Qualified
Chase, Todd (REP) Qualified
Engelbrecht, Bill (REP) Qualified
Millado, Joe Dallas (REP) Qualified
Rollins, Gavin (REP) Qualified
Sapp, Judson (REP) Qualified
St. George, James (REP) Qualified
Theus, David (REP) Qualified
Wells, Amy Pope (REP) Qualified
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