FLASHBACK: Bernie Sanders Called Millionaire Senators ‘Immoral’ in Unearthed 1971 Article

Originally published at: https://www.hannity.com/media-room/flashback-bernie-sanders-called-millionaire-senators-immoral-in-unearthed-1971-article/

Vermont Senator and potential 2020 Democratic nominee Bernie Sanders slammed ‘millionaire Senators’ in a recently unearthed newspaper article; saying wealthy lawmakers representing working-class people is “immoral.”

“On Wednesday, CNN dug up a 1971 issue of the Bennington Banner, a local Vermont newspaper that reported on then-Liberty Union Party Senate candidate Sanders, who declared it was ‘immoral’ that half the U.S. senators at the time were millionaires and insisted that they represented ‘the interests of corporations and big business — their fellow millionaires,’” reports Fox News.

Sanders wealth took center stage on the campaign trail in recent weeks, with the self-described Democratic Socialist confirming he was -in fact- a millionaire following the release of his best-selling book.

“Either they (the candidates) are millionaires to begin with or they get it from the corporations,” said Bernie in 1971.

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