Flagging detail


I would love to see some detail about what about a post gets it deleted as without that, it certainly seems likes some posters are flagging posts that make them look bad, even if there is nothing that violates TOS about them…


I have never had a post removed. Just be a better poster?


Might help if the Flagging War of 2018 were to cease, but you know, go team go! lol


Even easier, mods could tell everyone to grow a thicker skin and stop deleting posts that are not abjectly vulgar.


Hard to tell what’s going on and why without some sort of audit trail or explanation. It’s also hard for the board to be self regulating if the feedback loop has no loop, so folks are rewarded when they debate themselves into looking silly by flagging that content into oblivion.

If the NFL kept it’s standings on this board, the Raiders would have already flagged themselves into a 3-0 record this season.


I’ve known a few mods over the years that need(ed) thicker skin. lol

Sorry to say, this is just how “debate” goes anymore. Everyone has already been banned from all the boards because they can only take so many dissenting arguments before they go militant at the keyboard, and the garbage has long spilled over and completely saturated Facebook with these same lame political “debates.”

Look at Sean Hannity’s Facebook page. It’s the same thing, but without mods, which is why it’s all on Facebook now. Lame, lame, LAME! lol


The Facebook page is more about people screaming at clouds than a small group of people attempting with varying results to have a discussion about politics.

Things have changed over the the past nine years of being here and we have all seen many board wars… it right now seems like a calm before the storm of complete meltdown.

I mean this place is like less than a 100 active users.

Let’s not take it so seriously and just chill.


Nobody takes forums seriously anymore. lol


Yep… it is antiquated but I am Gen X and it is somehow comforting to tell anonymous people what I think.


Oh the glory days of the internet having privacy options! What have we done to ourselves! :joy:


Is this where I am supposed to blame millennials?


I guess we could, but I’d rather laugh at all three. lol :slight_smile:

(A Millenial vs A Baby Boomer - job interview - comedy - youtube warnings and stuff #DontFlagTheStoner)


Seems like people only want completely unrestricted speech for voices like Alex Jones, even hate speech, but in their own little bubble they become very sensitive!


Even easier, posters could follow the rules and none would be deleted.

It’s simple. Address the post not the poster.

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