Flagging ability gone?

Curious only because I just noticed this after another long time poster mentioned they don’t have the ability either.

The flag option has disappeared from the posts that I see. Is there a reason for this?

I have flagged a more than a few posts since joining in 2004, but I would call myself a rabid flagging member.

I don’t have a flag option either. I have hardly flagged anything as well. But mine is gone too.


I still have my flag option. About hour ago I couldn’t reply for some reason using Firefox.

Were you given a timeout recently? I believe those of us that have been are on a probation of sort and need to work in order to get the “trusted” status back. (just a guess)

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I have mine.

Never use it though.

Yes. I guess that could be it. Thanks!

It’s irrelevant to me, I just wasn’t sure if there was a site glitch, hence my reply. I don’t really use the function unless something seems really problematic for the forum itself. And if I don’t have the feature, I assume someone else will be along who does.

Agreed. Must have been during the great Fever Dream war of 2020.

Maybe that’s how it works … you only have it if you never use it. :wink:

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Press the three dots.