Flagged post removed by staff without showing the post

Apparently, I said something “offensive” and the post was removed by “staff”, but without showing me the content of my alleged violation. Is this kindergarten… I haven’t said anything that I know of that is so horrible that it need’s removing, if so could someone please clue me in.
Sam Salmon
https://community.hannity.com/t/surprisingly-strzok-has-already-raised-30k-for-lost-wages-and-legal-fees-who-would-support-this-cause/9763/298 1

Your post was flagged as inappropriate : the community feels it is offensive, abusive, or a violation of our community guidelines.

This post was flagged by the community and a staff member opted to remove it.

Someone here told me that I should make sure my father gets an absentee ballot and to make sure he voted Republican and then said I should make sure he was right with God. just after I stated in a thread I just learned he was dying. While it wasn’t cursing or foul. As if voting republican was going to get him into heaven.

Given the circumstances…it was disgusting and the moderators thought so. Removed all offensive posts and banned the poster. They do things that they think is right. I have been banned once was gone for a year. I trust the mods. They had their reason.

Spoken like a true ignoramus.

The entirety of your deleted posts.

Address the post not the poster. That’s why it was deleted.

Thanks for getting back to me on this issue.

Ouch. That’s going to leave a mark.