Fishing season re-opens

so now they’ll investigate an investigation into leaks.

my prediction…

nothing there, but dems will use the legitimate and legal investigation to once again assign nefarious motive to trump once again accusing trump of what they themselves have been guilty of.

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Suddenly interested in leaks after 4 years of not caring? :rofl:

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Investigating journalists as part of a leak investigation was bad

Investigating members of an opposing party for leaks is bad


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There’s a new sheriff in town.

those were “whistle blowers”

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no, not only is it not bad, its their job.

Journalist too?

What was i thinking? :man_shrugging: Of course it is "D"ifferent now! :grin:

I do appreciate how “fishing season” isn’t going after journalists, Dems, their children. Because those are all bad people who deserve it. The real fishing is looking into why and how that happened.

They’d be tossing dynamite into the water if that’s what it takes.

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and I thought this was about that kid who caught the bass on F&F this morning

Me too.

I mean, a thread about fishing wouldn’t be one I’d have much to contribute to for while I’ve got a great cast the simple truth is wherever I put my line … there … will … be … no … fish!

Not kidding.

Last time I went fishing with my uncle I cast out not far from where he was and then he, as he reeled in, thanked be because now he knew there wasn’t anything there.

Meanwhile down the way a piece my aunt and grandmother were reeling them in.

there is a fine line between fishing and standing on the shore with a stick…

Did you ever fish in one of those affairs where there was a big tank full of fish that you could see? So much for so many minutes?

They wouldn’t take my bait even then.

So, no, there isn’t much of a difference for me.

I thought that was just me. :rofl: :+1:

I’ve only fished off shore in rivers or lakes… never a pay lake… I fish for cats/carps so I basically sit on the shore for hours and watch the birds- not much reeling except to check bait

This is a really bizarre tact to take when we have found out that there was an investigation initiated against members of congress and their families… went no where… and then revived by Barr for reasons.

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The biggest fish I ever caught was a catfish resting itself at mid day in the crystal clear Colorado river where it ran deeper.

I managed to drag the hook to get the poor thing by the gills.

The perch in the river just never wanted my bait. Rainbow trout near the dam were the same.

I caught a few fish but not enough to hold my interest. Switched from fishing to golf as a hobby as a young adult.

At least i could hit the ball move to it and hit it again. More action than i was getting fishing. :grin:

Sessions investigation went no where and included seizing records from congress peoples kids and families, and journalists private emails, and barr re-upped it despite the lack of progress.

That’s not a firing expedition?